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  1. Caz I got 1 back for you brother. Dallas deserves to be railed on. With all that talent and they still look mediocre.
  2. No matter what!!! Wow this is getting serious. I wonder what line he'll use on his next RV prediction. If this happens at all it will be years down the road.
  3. "We've said publicly, that whether (al-Maliki) is prime minister or any other leader aspires to lead the country, that there has to be an agenda in which Sunni, Shiite and Kurd all feel that they have the opportunity to advance their interest through the political process," Obama said Thursday. Kinda like what Obummer does here?? This race baiting, lying hypocrite is a prime example of what spews out of his mouth, yeah right! His job is to pit people against each other and call people racist if they go against him. Despicable POS
  4. I'm happy for you moneysoon. I wasn't stating that to be mean. I have made "a killing" in the US stock market over the past few years. With the instability over there I would not be sleeping well if I had money there. Good luck
  5. Ha your crazy Shabs... Unfortunately that's probably going to happen. Vote ourselves right into the next level of a banana republic.
  6. Haha that's funny. I think someone was drinking that day Shabs!
  7. Ive bought a few firearms from Tactical Firearms. Houston based company with owners with balls. A rare commodity in this country!
  8. What do you prefer 1st? Lop the head off and shoot? Or vice versa? I can see you have a lot of pent up anger with Maliki as I do snow. I hope we can escape from the prison walls of hate after he is dead. God bless you & me.
  9. Yes hopefully with a bullet to the head, or better yet a beheading.
  10. Thats the last stock market I would want to be in. Wow more BS
  11. Hahaha... Carry on commander. I like your style! Oh, and take no prisoners!
  12. Hey Snow I would gladly trade 1/2 my investment, no wait, all of it to see that! I'm so sick of these freakin nut job degenerate inbreed scumbags. KTA!!!!!!!
  13. I like you too Snow. Sometimes I just wished we would send these people what they really need. A ballistic missile.
  14. I'm not selling all. I do believe eventually this currency will be reformed. I just wished I would have weighed all the risk here before dropping the large amount of money I put into this. Thank God I have done well over the last 3-4 years in the stock market. But I see the US stock market as extremely risky and being propped up by the Feds money printing. I'm not a negative person Caz but I see hard times coming in the future here and abroad. Right now I'm reigning in some money from all investments I'm in. I pray I'm wrong.
  15. Hey caz. I just reducing my position. Reality is not looking good brother. Good luck
  16. I live in Pearland Texas outside of Houston. Uncirculated 25K notes from Sterling Currency Group (Formerly Dinar Banker). Have certificates of authenticity. Cash in person only. Leave info if interested. Total $4250.00
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