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  1. Looking to buy 5million more dinar in Oklahoma. Would prefer to do business in person. Let me know.
  2. Guess what!!! I love my state.
  3. Thanks so cal I knew someone on DV would turn my day around.
  4. Feeling a bit negitive today hasent been a good day at all IMO..... So let's share the negitive love I want to see if I can get a -100 on negs for this post. Then maybe everyone will run out of negs and stop neg every one. Neg neg neg. :o
  5. I'm not to sure but From what I've read most Iraqi citizens don't really have much money (dinar). They use USD for every day purchases instead of iqd. Also have read that most of the iqd is in forign countries with investors and not in Iraq. Just a few thoughts for ya. Go RV.
  6. I knew it. I just knew that some one from the future would comment on this. Now we all know it's gonna happen. +1 for u future man. Lol
  7. Ok people, calm down and relax. A few truths about the dinar... 1) we can't make this investment mature ourselves. So enjoy life and let time be on our side. 2) no one (on earth) knows the hour in which the RV will happen. So forget the predictions brought up by gurus 3) no one knows the rate, just a bunch of educated guesses. So be happy, when it rv's and you make a profit. 4) to many people I talk to have let this investment run their lives. Your in control of your life don't let this take over! There's alot more feel free to add to the list if you have some truths. Bottom line no one knows (on earth) what the rate and date is. So calm down be patient and quit listening to the hype and watch policy, follow the money. God bless
  8. Gazette Baghdad, March 4 (AKnews) - The debate continues among the political circles in Iraq about the candidates for the security ministries in the government although it was approved since more than two months, at a time the views varied about the acceptance or rejection of nomination of Ahmed al-Jalabi for the Interior ministry. Al-Maliki holds the security ministries by agency in his cabinet which is not completed due to differences between the political blocs about the candidates nominated to fill these ministries. MP Jawad al-Shuhaili told AKnews on Thursday that the debate continues about the security ministries, and no agreement was reached so far about the nominated names. "The statements of the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki about the provision of the security ministries to the parliament during next week, does not call for being a media statements intended to calm the Iraqi people after the demonstrations, which came out in Baghdad and a number of provinces. " "The candidate of the NC for the Interior Ministry is Ahmad Jalabi, but State of Law Coalition (SLC) rejected his nomination." Although the parties agreed that the Interior ministry portfolio is the share of the National Coalition, and the defense the share of the Iraqiya List, but each party rejects the other party's candidates under the pretext of lack of neutrality and efficiency of candidates. There was prior agreement to hand over security portfolios to independents. The leader in SLC Ali al-Allak denied Maliki's refusal to nominate Jalabi, noting that it is up to now the prime minister to decide about him. "The Prime Minister and through his experience and ability will be able to choose qualified persons for security offices," Allak said adding that "Jalabi is one of the candidates and there was no rejection by SLC for him and the whole issue is that the coalition transferred this issue to the Prime Minister and some parties explained it as rejection. " Maliki said during a press conference in Baghdad on Monday that he will submit the names of candidates for the security to the parliament next week to vote for them and give them confidence. The MP from the Iraqiya List Wattout told AKnews that the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will submit five candidates for the defense minister post to the Iraqi parliament to choose one of them, including the candidate of the Iraqiya List for the post. " "Nominating five candidates is not compatible with the political agreement for the distribution of such security positions that agreed that the Defense ministry will be the share of Iraqiya." "Al-Maliki has the right to nominate candidates for the Interior ministry and not for the Defense minister post." The protests prompted the Iraqi government to take practical steps to calm down the Iraqi street, and the first was represented by giving the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki his ministers a period that does not exceed 100 days, to improve the performance of the ministry . Maliki announced at a news conference in Baghdad a few days ago about new reforms related to fighting corruption and the distribution of 280,000 government job "fairly" in an attempt to calm the protests taking place in the country. Reported by Abdullah Shames and Wissam al-Jaff RN \ GS AKnews
  9. This is awesome news!! What about the security seats that need to be filled? Maybe the will take care of them in the near future.
  10. Where at in oklahoma. I'm in northeasten ok. I'd be interested. Email me
  11. This might be a dumb question but can't seem to find the answers myself hoping someone on DV could help out!!!! Can someone explain what's the hold up with the ebril agreement being put into action and the remaining seats being filled? Thanks in advance for your input!
  12. Hmm..ouch!! Someone must not be having a good day!
  13. Rockin'G reads post fifty times. Still lost I'd have better luck selling my dinar at 3.33usd. That's a good one
  14. Yeah!!! I decided we dinarians need a little excitement in our lives. Nothing wrong with dreaming big.
  15. Let me go talk to my banker and open a line of credit, then will talk business.
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