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  1. A lot of protesting about some punk thug they wouldn't have given the time of day to if he hadn't been killed.
  2. It's on the web, so it must be true!
  3. Maybe he meant "See you in New York" as a delegate to the UN after they take over the country?
  4. Much ado about nothing. The reason you can't carry in the State Capitol is because the law just signed clearly states that firearms are NOT allowed when there are already security measures in place...i.e. metal detectors, security guards, etc.
  5. I can't see what video is on here, it's blocked in Afghanistan, but Charlie Wilson put on one hell of a show when he came to Camp Victory, Iraq.
  6. The original link was missing the final "C". It should be... http://another site/
  7. If I was a young boy I'd pretend to be confused so I could go camp with the girls!
  8. Army Finance unit at Camp Liberty, Iraq. I assume they are legit. I just brought mine back inside my computer bag, no problem.
  9. Probably better to kill him, unless you want to be sued! So, why didn't TM just ask the guy following him what he wanted instead of attacking him?
  10. Great song. Reminds me of my time in the Army in Germany when this song was new.
  11. See if you can find the original version of the song. A bit different. It was recorded by Emma Franklin, Aretha's sister!
  12. Obama is a member of one group I cannot stand... Chicago Politician.
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