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  1. Actually, Rich served two tours in Iraq, purchased the new IQD just after it was released while he served there, and still talks to friends of his that are Iraqi citizens. I am not defending Rich's opinions or comments (even though I agree with much of what he says), but give Duckhead a break as he was politely trying to bring a little composure to this thread.
  2. "I have read from a couple chat's that there will be a "in country revaluation first at a low rate of .86" or some ridiculous theory, (to draw in the large bills) and that it will increase after that. Wow, the lack of knowledge of how it works is in play here. They state that within days it will be some huge rate. Really?" Hey SteveL (that's right, you say I while I say L), you might as well be Okie's sister with your ridiculous prognostications of fantastic rates that will never be realized overnight. Oh, say that you and Rayford are always never wrong about dates and rates...when?...oh, yeah, I guess you forgot about "200% " sure about May 2011, "June is our month", "end of the road post #247", etc., etc., etc...does DB still give you commissions for pumping or are you still in denial about getting kickbacks? (even though Frank26 of ALL people admitted once that Ty paid commissions for site referrals). I guess Phoenix might as well be Wonderland and you're Alice so stay away from the cake and mushrooms until AFTER the RV.
  3. "3-6-2012 Guru Breitling I am just as excited as you are, just cautious. We don't have to guess anymore. These guys are telling us this is going to happen. That's never happened before. You should be confused about dates, people don't know exact dates, there are confusing articles out there. We know what their target rate is - $1.17, we know what their end rate is - $3+, which is way down the road. " What is with these idiots?!? 1,170 dinars per dollar equals 0.0008547 dollars per dinar. Drop 3 zeroes from that rate and you get $0.8547 per singular dinar. You don't divide the current 1,170 by 1,000. That is pure ignorance!
  4. My bad, as I had assumed that everyone reading my post would be able to acertain that I was merely interpreting the widespread (and inaccurate) $1.17 theory and not pontificating my own rate pronouncent. Hmmm...I guess I won't make that mistake again. Thank you!
  5. It is NOT $1.17 USD. 1.170 dinars to 1.0 dollars means that the inverse actually is 1.0 dinars becomes 0.8547 dollars (1 / 1.17 = .8547). I strongly recommend ignoring any goob-roo that cannot fathom this simple exchange.
  6. Good synopsis...from a Westerner's view. Centuries' worth of deep seeded hatred, war and disagreements will not, in our lifetime, be forsaken in favor of "what is best for their people".
  7. No kidding! Maybe our govt can take notes on how to get things done in expedient fashion LOL!
  8. "It is noteworthy that this escalation continued security since the beginning of the new year 2012 coincides with the survival of the security ministries vacant and the political crisis in the country" No kidding!!!!!!
  9. "the reason for the delay came after a request from the Finance Committee to end the discussions concerning the draft budget law." There was just too much good news out there and Iraq just couldn't stand it, huh? I don't like comments like this coming from the Finance Committee.
  10. More good work, Yota! All of the articles are consistent thus far with none yet mentioning a delay. I'm starting to believe they actually may do what they say for once!
  11. Let it out, brother, it's OK. You've earned it after this ride!
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