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  1. Yeah I caught that too! Iraq is ready to explode, and I'm that kid jumping up and down ready to see the mushroom cloud of zeros in our bank accounts! I really think its happening now. JMHO, but September is too far. We've believed it was going to happen when so much that is factually passed into law was speculation and rumor. Now we have facts and headlines to refrence. Summit is coming, and the ME is full of traditional thinking and men trying to look big in the community shower. Its got to give before they sit down with their neighbors as the poorest folks in the room.
  2. @HolySpirit: I read your posts and I'm sorry you are discouraged. I am a Pastor, and I must tell you the words you use are not kind. Please, as a brother in Christ, don't publicly single people out as Saved or Unsaved. It does nothing for your testimony, and could hinder the work of others in someone's life. Read Ephesians 4:32 and remember, its just a car. You probably have a car, and i know i certainly do. I like comfort, work hard, and liken nice things, I'm saved. One can indeed enjoy life and still be one of the elect. It is however sinful to be wasteful, and detestible to be hurtful to another. I like your charity choices, but may I suggest you consider first being a light in your community, and second the impact you, yourself, can make by being the miracle rather than funding someone else's attempts. I can recall a young Catholic Priest I had dealings with as a teen. i don't share his faith exactly as he views it, but he reached me by being a friend and allowing me to be anything I wanted to be. He held a youth group for troubled teens and allowed us to do as we desired in the room next to his office. He simply left the door open and told us we could talk if we desired. We wouldn't have showed up if he preached to us, and we didn't do much for God while there, but he gave us the oppertunity and the bennifit of the doubt. years later I came back to his small perish, a scholar and a man. I asked him why he did it, and he spoke very plainly. "I can't make you love God, and i can't make you see what I see. All I can do is leave the door open, and let you be the man you want to be." When we are all wealthy, remember that simple acts bring simple results. Start by loving and being loved in return.
  3. It is my understanding that in order to "play ball" in the unified government of Iraq, they need to stop making side deals and budget what they are allocated as a region. This is kind of like saying that a state in the USA is deciding how to spend federal monies allocated to them. Virginia's budget is decided after the government's budget is decided for instance. Only after the region knows what their share will be can they use that money. I don't think this really impacts anything on our end though. Its kind of like waiting to see what your paycheck actually is before mailing out your checks for bills or going grocery shopping.
  4. The funny bit about these articles relate mostly to the "Difference" between any RD situation of the past and the road Iraq is clearly on. Brazil just RD'd one morning, and their government is still one of the most worthless leadership of an oil rich nation on the entire planet (Nothing against Brazilians, they just have a messed up gov). They were all in heavy debt and all of them just did it in a matter of weeks. Iraq has been on this train for years. They don't "educate" anyone. Remember, Iraqis are majority illiterate, uneducated, and without the benefit of learned economic principles, advanced concepts of democratic systems, and world laws. They simply are not as globally intelligent as we are. I don't know what you've been reading, but I for one can't make sense of any of the dinar news. When you can easily speak of the day to day business and plans of every other aspect of your country, why not the economics? That's why I truly believe it WILL RV. They aren't like any other contry, they do not have the kind of debt most of us do, and they are undervaluing their courrency in a country where 23% of their population, some 7 million people are making an average of $30 a month. Link We'll be sipping on coconut milk in the tropics in no time! GO RV +1 for you Yota, thank you for all your hard work
  5. considering they cancelled the "national meeting" a few days ago, this is definitely hilarious. Next thing you know we'll be standing in line at the bank reading a sign about how Iraq RV'd six weeks ago and they just forgot to mention it. These people remind me why i can't watch CNN without breaking my television with flying objects, whilst screaming colorful words about the news anchor's lack of research and education.
  6. Its the worst side of all of this. We as fat lazy rich people don't see that stuff in our lives. Living in America, a poor person to us is wealthy and well off in Iraq. Those folks need this a lot more then we do. Just remember this stuff exists when you are counting your zeros. God rewards those whom give. Remember to set aside a percentage of the profits you make off that dinar... it might be the difference of somebody's dinner. God bless you all, and GO RV already! P.S. Remember I said "profits." You can't help a single person if you blow all your cash.
  7. You are entitled to your viewpoints, especially since this video is designed to give them to you, but there are no solid points. Here are my top ten issues, for instance: 1) the IQD was 4000:1 when the troops started buying it (and in some circles 8000:1 street value) that's MAJOR PROFIT ALREADY 2) You can throw that IQD up on eBay right now and get your money back, even more in most cases. Currency dealers advertise buyback rates on their homepages. 3) It is TOTALLY LEGAL, that is a complete joke. 4) IF that guy bought IQD at 1500:1, he has 21 million IF IT RVS AT 1:1, he'd have 73.5 million at 3.5:1 5) The "specialist" they had on was clearly lying through his teeth, he's even shaking his head in disbelief of what he is saying while ALSO nodding. This is a specific tell of a false statement. 6) Iraq has almost NO DEBT 7) "I don't know where you can trade Dinars." Umm... Google it, eBay it, Even this forum does it. 8) Not backed by a stable government... That IQD is backed by the USA. if that country isn't stable, we are all in big trouble. 9) It's not a save investment. Several people on this site have quadrupled their money. 10) You end up paying 2-3 times the true value. I guess you would for low denominations, but I hope none of us have been that dumb. I pay about 1000:1 and that's not a bad mark-up. I hope nobody is paying $63 for a 25k note! Bottomline, this video is do damn funny GREAT POST Dinarold eRVing Go RV
  8. Well, I think they'll just need to RV that Dinar and make it publicly traded (and no it technically isn't). Soon folks it'll be some sort of pay day. I dunno how much we'll really see, with rates like $8.50 and $12.00 I can't help feeling it'll be less. I guess even if its a penny it's more money then most of us see in returns these days. Go RV
  9. sorry but this is old. its posted, with like 9 pages of comments already. Thanks for the work in finding it though. +1 for you.
  10. OH NO, someone just pee'd my pants! I was just reading this exciting article and I felt this rush to "Yay! Go us! Yay" and it was just sorta there. What a WONDERFUL article to secure our confidence in this ride. When the Lop talk starts just remember, they are Rick James B*$#%! (Rich enough to slap you and make you like it) and soon we will be too.
  11. Some of us actually know what a "Personal Banker" is... Suffice to say you don't meet one in a bank (You meet them on your yachet, in your livingroom, at your beach house...) For the record, your favorite teller is not a "personal banker" and beyond that, folks like us aren't given the time of day by the likes of them. ( you need to already be a big fish) Still I need to print these guru posts, as i've run out of TP and I need something soft and without any hard backing to wipe my bottom.
  12. There has been a lot of great things going on lately, and with my first childs due date being today, I'm waiting on a world of change. I pray they get this done and RV this week. I'd love to be an "at home" father with a large family and a life of incredible memories to share and experience with them. Great Article, +1, and Go RV!
  13. basically it says who gets what of the oil profits. Think of it like deciding how to cut a sheet cake in order to feed a room, except everyone in power want the one with extra frosting.
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