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  1. Iraq has operated for years without a full cabinet, so I doubt that they actually need to have all before the RV. Besides, the GOI and the CBI are independent so the CBI can RV whenever Trump tells them to.
  2. The Iraq stock market displays prices in decimal points. Therefore, Iraq needs to release the fils so the transactions can be paid. The RV will have to eliminate the three zeros, satisfying the need for the fils so the stock market can operate.
  3. Iraq's neighbors have dozens of dams on the rivers, reducing the water that Iraq needs.
  4. Why is it necessary to make fun of someone instead of just accepting what they have to say with a grain of salt. Or waiting to see if what they post might come to fuition? It makes a person seem small when they put someone else down.
  5. Just introducing myself as starfire from Texas. Howdy!
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