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  1. Yes the first part is talking about a lop... But it also talks about how the citizens are apprehensive about it and how it will be bad for shares being lost in the stock markets. So not everyone's on board with delete the zeros which still gives us hope. They could have deleted the zeros a long time ago but they still continue to talk about it... Why would they ever tell us anything different other than delete the zeros? They wouldn't.
  2. Dontlop.. I have to agree with you. Between the IMF arrangement , Hoosiers post , Adams Drive By and Betty's crystal I think we may be super close to the finish line!
  3. I doubt it screams RV but I have been having problems for about a month now with it taking me to crazy websites . It takes me 3 or 4 times to get to the site. I thought it was just my computer but I guess not.
  4. I like your opinion! Honestly for me it's like a breath of fresh air! I'm going to hang on to your words and pray your right
  5. I just don't see how an rv can happen without chapter 7 being lifted so I'm guessing we won't be cashing in Jan 1 trying to keep the faith but its soooo hard. This is beginning to look more like a 20 year plan rather than a 10 year plan.
  6. God bless you sir! I pray you have a quick recovery and are able to take care of your bills, and of course go fishing as soon as possible
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