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  1. boatman


    Amen Gypsygirl11, been here since the beginning.
  2. boatman

    Are you an accredited investor?

    With Safe Dinar, they ship the order to your residence and you have to pay for it on arrival.
  3. How about just an RV and make it a big one..
  4. boatman

    Abadi...Reform By End Of Week.

    I bought all mine in the first 4 months after the president made it legal and I am still hoping and praying it happens...
  5. boatman

    Just an old fashion bank story

    Hate to sound stupid, but what's a zim?
  6. I Like it, sounds like a really good day to get things done. " PURCHASE POWER"
  7. boatman

    I saw the rate jump to 6.20$

    Happy Easter to all of you..
  8. This may be the push Iraq needs to be recognized.

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