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  1. Truf...that's exactly what i think will happen. But not 1:1, probably a better return like 3:1. But if you were a country or millionaire that has invested a large sum of money, a 3:1 return is pretty damn good!
  2. We should always be thankful to our troops that serve our country and protect our freedom and interests... Many of which lose their lives, limbs and health. And IF (a very big IF) we make the millions so many people say we will, I for one will personally find local vets (Especially those that suffered injuries or the Families of those that lost their lives) and I will share the money I make from this investment. In a very substantial way, that will better their lives as much as possible! I hope many of you will consider doing the same. Btw...didn't mean to post in the Rumors section.
  3. Heavy...that was well said and I agree, But...if these people are preying on new investors, novices or intentionally misleading people just to sell more Dinars... they Need to be called out. And apparently they are doing just that or they have the worst intel and inside people ever! Either way, many people that are just wanting to better themselves and their life (foolish or naive) tend to believe these people with so-called "intel" and they buy more Dinars. That list of people you mentioned predict this to happen every week! And they have been Wrong every week, for months and months now.
  4. Graycoat

    911 does sound like Okie-ology. Lol
  5. Graycoat


    I really don't see the point of a conspiracy theory about 9-11. There's no doubt that radical Muslims hijacked 4 airplanes. They're voices were recorded by air traffic control saying "we have some planes"! We all saw 2 of them flown into the towers ...Obvious facts! So what's the point of people arguing over melting points of steel and structural stability after an airliner crashes into a building!? This was a terrorist attack. Plain and simple. If our government wanted to start a war, there's much easier ways to go about it without killing our own innocent people! (I.e. Gulf of tonken,
  6. Yep! That's exactly what I think is Going to happen with Iraq... And I'm not very smart at all. Good for me, common sense goes a long way! :-)
  7. Joe! nailed it. That's exactly my point. It's a Lot of dreaming and wishful thinking. The only real info you can go with is what the Iraqi government tells us. People simply don't want to hear the truth....or look at the history of these RV's (RD's). Prime example is Venezuela. A very oil rich country and they did just that... a reinstate, currency swap which Ultimately removed 3 zeros from the Currency!
  8. Iraq has a lot of catching up to do with the world, by way of it's currency. A rate that is recognized and accepted globally and by the IMF. Not an arbitrary number established by the Hussein regime. Getting the US Dollar out of Iraq??....once the CBI states that it will no longer accept The USD from individuals or merchants within Iraq, there will be a race to exchange it For IQD. Regardless of the rate.
  9. I never say never...anything is possible. There have been 3000% profits from investments before. But it's highly unlikely IMO, and no I'm not An economist whiz nor am I saying I'm The one that's right. There's mountains of Misinformation, hype, intentional wrong info, plain BS and people just not comparing apples to apples on the Iraqi Dinar. Hence the reason I posted the theory of Occam's Razor. The best information we can go on is from the Iraqi government...and they're statements have not pointed towards this huge profit.
  10. Lotus...I don't believe there are any "gurus" in this investment. Only those that pretend to be, self-proclaimed in the know.
  11. As a group, myself, brother, sister and parents...we have just over 10 million. Purchased diff amounts as we could afford. I've saved much more this year than I've put into Dinar! This little investment was a just-in-case, buy some and see what happens. It's not a do or die investment. Plus, no one knows or knew how long the ride would be...1 year or 1 month. And a 300% return would be fantastic! Especially compared to how my stocks Are doing! And hey, I am positive! I wouldn't be in it otherwise. Exploding fashion accessory!? Lol.. EFA's
  12. Occams Razor - basic meaning....the simplest answer is usually the correct one. I've been invested in the Dinar for almost 2 years now and I've been lurking around this sight and a few others for over a year. Thought I'd throw in my 2 Dinars worth. This IS the one place that people seem to be using the best judgement and Adam Isn't pumping and spreading the BS like so many other self-appointed "Gurus". I DO believe we will have a good return on our investment at some point. That could be between 100-300%. Possibly tripling our money. Now if the USA, other countries and Very wealthy pe
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