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  1. I really have forgotten about my Dinar, actually for over a year. Been really ill this past week, Mr. Montana's positive excitement has got me feeling better fast. I am so glad I followed you and have been getting emails recently on your posts. Otherwise I would have never known anything was happening. THANKYOU ADAM
  2. Thankyou GregHi. Adam said oil prices needed to go up, too.
  3. Wow haven't heard that song in a long time. I about wore out her CD. Thanks for sharing.
  4. We sent ours into XchangeofAmerica, following these instructions and in less than a week they sent us, just what I was expecting.
  5. Please Lord. Let this RV get done, TODAY. In Jesus Name Amen. I got fired this morning cause of another employee. I needed to quit, bad situation at work. Boss (brother in law) was always yelling at me, but I just put up with it. This just pushed me out the door, and I didn't have to quit.
  6. And if ,dolittle Maliki was still in charge I would feel 100% the way you do.............This is Abadi's first rodeo, lets watch him finish his first ride. Different times. Different PM.....he is humble ...for the country.....not greedy like Malarky
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