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    Experiencing the Presence of The Holy Spirit in prayer, spending quality time with my family and friends, & composing Gospel music and inspirational writings.
  1. Greetings Dinarling00, First of all, "Dinarling" is a clever pen name....I like it! Your concern is understandable, and I hope my answer will explain reasons which will help to rest your mind at ease: Due to the blight of internet security breach issues, identity theft, and the need to protect our investments, anonymity is a necessity for all of us ~ particularly Adam. This is why the majority of us post under a PSEUDONYM when writing into the DinarVets Forum (or any other public forum). This is also why Corporations are frequently registered under an anonymous TRUST NAME to prot
  2. Dear Heavyduty053, Thank you so much for sharing this incredible and inspirational testimony! My family was deeply touched by this wonderful posting ~ especially because we have had multiple supernatural events happen within our family over the years. This is truly a powerful reminder for us to "redeem the time" (Eph. 5:16), since we never know how many days yet remain for us. May we use our time wisely to be a daily blessing in loving Christ and serving others, that we may also be prepared for Eternity as this young girl was. Thanks again for sharing with us ~ Have a b
  3. Dear BlueSkies, Thank you so much for your informative Iraqi 2013 Budget updates this morning! We will continue to watch and pray, as we know that SO MANY of us need this blessing to come forth on behalf of our families and other loved ones who need immediate economic assistance to rebuild their lives. The journey has been a L O N G and TEDIOUS wait for all of us! Meanwhile, I found the following article related also to the budget. Hope this is helpful Best wishes, DinarBlessings Emergency meeting of the Presidency of the Parliament with a number of ministers to resolve th
  4. You're very welcome, dear. I couldn't agree more.....and I'm so thankful to hear that the Lord is your ultimate HOPE and STRENGTH. May He grant our entire DinarVets family the same PEACE and ENCOURAGEMENT ~ especially during this Holiday Season as we celebrate His Birth. Thank you for sharing your faith, and I totally agree with a big AMEN ! Best wishes to you, and to our DinarVets community ~ Merry Christmas and a PROSPEROUS New Year to all ! DinarBlessings :)/>
  5. Deborah Layne... Is there any hope for us?Hi Deborah, My heart goes out to you as you express your desire for HOPE......especially at Christmastime......the Season of the year when the world reaches out for HOPE and PROMISE. All of us here are at DinarVets are UNITED in the belief that our patience in our investments will be rewarded soon. The DinarVets Forum is a wonderful place to encourage each other to continue pressing on as we endeavor to patiently stand fast for our long-awaited BLESSING. Some of us have waited many years for our investments to come to fruition. Two years CAN certa
  6. Greetings Adam, As investors preparing for post-RV financial decisions, we seek to enhance our Dinar investment education while avoiding inaccurate "rumor mill" sources. Since we consider DinarVets to be the PREMIER resource for recommendations, your answers to the following questions would greatly benefit us and hopefully others as well: 1. To whom do you turn for REPUTABLE and NEWSWORTHY Iraqi / Middle East media outlets/websites for reliable information, assuming they exist? 2. If so, can you provide links to Iraqi / Middle East news media resources (print or video) which yo
  7. 2/09/2012 Greetings DinarVets Members, With regard to Adam Montana's Official 2/1/12 Chat:, we noted the following Q&A: [kcw] sxsess Hi Adam, I have read through recent Iraq news that they plan on strengthing the dinar against the usd the coming days. I have also received info that the IMF is putting pressure on them to raise the currency value due to it being severely undervalued. Do you think we are really within days of this happening? Thanks . [Adam Montana] If they vote the HCL in today or tomorrow, then we are YES within days! If not, we are at least a week out. (That's my opini
  8. 1-24-2012 Greetings Adam & DV Vets Community, Attached are my Dinar photos. I posted a question earlier as to how to become DINAR-VERIFIED.....then thankfully discovered this section. Thank you for taking care of my VERIFICATION, and have a wonderful day. Best Regards, DinarBlessings
  9. 1-23-2012 Dear CW, Thank you very much for your kind words! You have NO IDEA how much your perspective encouraged me in my learning curve with technology + the Dinar ~ particularly coming from someone with a Master's Degree in IT! I have much to learn, but your grace encouraged me so much! I also appreciated the uplifting comments presented by the many other contributors this morning. Everyone has been so supportive, forgiving, and compassionate in their posts. I'm very grateful, and wish multiplied blessings to you and our entire DinarVets community in 2012! Best wishes, DinarB
  10. 1-23-2012 Dear DinarVets Forum, I'D LIKE TO EXTEND MY SINCERE APOLOGIES to the DV Forum Community for my misunderstanding of INACCURATE statements presented this week in other Dinar forums which prompted my question on the DV Forum last night. I would NOT have wished to stir up a FALSE CONTROVERSY among DinarVet Members. To begin with, after attempting to access the proper page of the VIP Section, I inadvertently accessed the Dinar Vets Message page and posted my question in the WRONG section. Although my post was intended as a genuine question of HOPE due to our current and ongoing medical
  11. From DinarBlessings: P.S. One of the references is a website forum entitled: R V soon (dot com) Scroll down approx. one inch, and read the LARGE RED LETTERS which describe the $3.81 USD per IQD on the Streets of Iraq in the Green Zone. Ref: RV soon
  12. From DinarBlessings: P.S. One of the references is a forum called: Scroll down approx. one inch, and read the LARGE RED LETTERS which describe the $3.81 USD per IQD on the Streets of Iraq in the Green Zone. **** Moderator Note: You cannot post links from other Dinar Sites, (See DinarVet Forum Rules) the links will be removed by the Website Filter ****
  13. 1-22-2012 Dear Adam, We are VIP Members who have read in multiple forums within the past week that IQD are NOW being exchanged for $3.81 FOR EACH USD in the Green Zone of Baghdad, Iraq. (Effective: January 2012) We trust you implicitly regarding this subject matter, and welcome your input. QUESTIONS: 1. IYO, is this information CORRECT? 2. IF SO, would we Americans be PERMITTED to FLY to Baghdad to redeem our Dinar in Green Zone @ $3.81 per USD to EXCHANGE, then DEPOSIT USD (after paying appropriate taxes) into our Bank account in the U.S., then fly home to U.S. ? 3. IYO, would our
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