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  1. Yeah I've not looked at this forum for a couple years, but I was wondering what the reaction was from the oil at 1/5 it's commodity value since the last time I checked in. At the time, the justification for the nonsensical RV of the Iraqi Dinar was the countries "oil worth". Yeah, well that's gone now with no upside in the next couple years. So, my deluded friends, now how will Iraq finance your magnificent wealth? We're on strike four here, people. I've been following this charade for seven years. The only people to make money are the sellers of Iraqi Dinar. By the way, come
  2. bubs

    Okay, Seriously

    No, I'm not jealous. I also have no "partners in crime." Not sure where you live, but "reading the posts of idiots" is not a crime. You will lose all that you have "invested", I guarantee, no holds barred, and regardless of your faith in God or a false prophet. I am more than welcome to engage in a real-time debate about the RV. Hit me up in a message. You guys are selfish and shameless in your quest for unjustified instant wealth. People are dying in the mid-east, including many Christians. You guys who believe this is some prophesied scheme for you to get rich are the sickest of the sick.
  3. About me: a lurker who has followed the Iraqi Dinar saga for over five years. No, I am not "invested", so stop reading if that is an issue for you. Anyway, with the serious civil strife in Iraq, how can anyone still believe in the Iraqi Dinar myth? If you do, and I know there are those of you that refuse to give it up, how can you justify your "blood money investment?" Bottom line, if you hold to the belief that "I'm only "invested" to what I can afford to lose." Isn't there a much more humanitarian use for your "throw-away" cash? Seriously guys. Especially you who espouse your Christi
  4. Matthew 27. Read it. Iraqis are dying, again, and all "Dinarians" care about is a profit? I may be going to hell for one reason or another, but none of them are dealing in Blood Money. See you there folks!
  5. If the Iraqi Dinar is to immanently Re-Value at a rate far greater than the current market rate, why do dealers keep selling it at the market rate, and, just as importantly, why will they only buy it back at a 20% spread? Tough questions demand realistic answers.
  6. Glad I reopened this three year old topic. It shows the misinformation surrounding the Iraqi Dinar is still alive and well. Folks, you can't "explain" a rabbit into a duck. A rabbit will still be rabbit, and a duck will still be a duck no matter how you describe them. Another quick thought: I've read on this site several times that "you should not purchase more Iraqi Dinar than you can afford to lose." Well, if you can afford to lose money, consider using it to help someone in need. That would be a much wiser investment.
  7. Three years on and this question has not been reliably answered. This is something to seriously consider when evaluating Iraqi Dinar as an investment.
  8. This should make for an entertaining installment of American Greed.
  9. There is not a bank in this city, local or national, that will buy Iraqi Dinars. That statement is absolutely false.
  10. BINGO! De La Rue does not sell currency counters anymore and hasn't since they sold that part of their operations in late 2008 to Talaris. The vaunted 8625 shown in the YouTube video is not a current model and, regardless, counterfeit detection has always been an option. There's certainly a possibility that the unit in the video is neither counting by denomination or using any sort of counterfeit bill detector. This brief article sums up the role of De La Rue machines, "Gurus", and "intel" in the value of the Iraqi Dinar:
  11. Wow! Folks on this forum are always talking about posting links, but apparently nobody, in this thread at least, knows how to search for reliable information online. Canon Andrew White is quite renown and has a well documented history in Iraq. Here's one of many news stories about him and his work: There is much more information available at your fingertips...
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