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  1. It's cool, Florida. I know who my friends are.
  2. Way to go, Lightning! You have all the originality of a parrot.
  3. You have all the subtlety of a hand grenade, Six. That's not what your mom said.
  4. News Flash: You've got one too. By the way, you really should learn how to properly quote a previous post. It's not difficult. Is it an armadillo?
  5. I just love pith! Who's being defensive? Slamming you is a joy.
  6. Oh, Six-Pack. Maggie is a good person. She takes nothing for granted, and that is a good quality. You, on the other hand... A part of what exactly? A homicidal gas chamber that never did exist? That makes absolutely no sense. Each of your responses has been profoundly stupid, and lacking in any type of subtlety or humor. You would cure a headache with decapitation. Should of? It's should have, smarty pants. The presumed "evidence" is out there. I will dissect and cast doubt upon anything I please. Meanwhile, you can keep your miserable "Holocaust" religion to yourself. You deserve it.
  7. Yes, I should have known better than to cite an article. I can just picture you sitting around, cranking to those things. Precisely. The next question would be: Has someone discovered a way to actually manufacture gold, like the Philosopher's Stone?
  8. In a nutshell, Shelley, real, authentic Judaic Kabbalah is a system of racial self-worship. Little wonder those goyim who join The Kabbalah Center in Hollywood never learn the truth. They have taken a thing of complete exclusivity and turned it into a free-wheeling Tony Robbins seminar. It is not true Kabbalah.
  9. Hey, Six-Pack. This photo is of what the authorities say is the original door from what is alleged to be a homicidal gas chamber in Auschwitz. It is a wooden door with a flimsy glass window that swings inward with a simple door jamb. Now, is this the kind of door you would expect to see on a chamber that would be filled with deadly gas? Really? The problems I see are that wood is porous, and that a flimsy glass window would allow gas to escape, not to mention the fact that such a door is not hermetically sealed. Also, prisoners could have knocked out the glass or the jamb in a desperate attemp
  10. I have thought for some time that there has been some funny business going on with gold. I am not personally invested in gold to any considerable degree, but I have often wondered, if the dollar is poised to crash, as most gold advertisements claim, then why are they so eager to accept my dollars for their gold? Likewise, what is up with all of these supposed "stashes" of gold coins suddenly being discovered in Europe? In reality, are they minting these coins new?
  11. Wow, you read? That's amazing. What, the death of people en masse? I never said that that never happened. Homicidal gas chambers never happened. So far, I think I have been rather playful with you. How far do you want to go with this *** for tat?
  12. The truth? Really? So, what do you know about Kabbalah, Mr. Six-Pack? Anything? Obviously, nothing that Call of Dootie ever taught you.
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