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  1. Stryker this goes with that link I sent you yesterday! Good stuff here people. This is another great news day!!!!! For anyone who is interested I forgot to mention in the link this is the company they have signed on with already. Look at all the services they provide and think big! Forgot my manners, thanks for the great article!
  2. Let me add one for you Yota News just out that Craig Donohue, the CEO of the CME (COMEX) has just retired at the ripe old age of 49! CME Group CEO to retire at end of 2012
  3. I would like either this Wednesday or Thursday please. they both fit into my schedule nicely.............. :)
  4. GM, remember Yota's article from yesterday once we saw the 2 translations? I believe that this may just be another one of those translation issues. This in mho is another ED piece. I like it. He is explaining that they can't be oil dependent. Will have to improve in all sectors. I am trying to remember which country over there shifted away from depending solely on oil...... Their leader focused on other areas and they are doing just fine. This is gonna bug me until I remember. Yesterday one of the articles said they want to be leader in the ME, so they must diversify. More good stuff. Yesterday's 5 great articles shall be difficult to top today unless we read those magic words on the cbi site!!!!!! Sorry Stryker did not see your comments as I was typing. Great Morning to you!
  5. GM, Interesting! When this happens it will lead to increase the value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currency, lower the prices of materials and goods in the domestic market, with the survival value salaries and operational fixed financial allocations. I see this as another way to explain to the people what will happen in all sectors when they increase the value. They should not rely on oil alone but improve in all sectors.
  6. Shelly you are so right, but I do need to call it or tomorrow will be a wash..................
  7. RSS you rock! I don't know how many people read and I mean really read this article there is a lot of stuff going on. Where is Stryker when you need him.... There is so much here. I knew there were a lot of great articles today this one may have been overlooked. But it is up there my friend, wow!
  8. With pleasure. Would like to assist as you have given great insight on many things. Just returning something long overdue. Have a great night, I am a gin and tonic person. Have had difficulty finding the moon on an occasion or two!
  9. Zig you are wise. Follow China, have you read Lord of the Rim? It will give you great insight. Now, I must get caught up on a lot of reading, what a day!
  10. Thanks, the funny thing my last client today ended up being someone who was in Iraq and holds a few mill. We chatted and he said he was just waiting for it to hit soon. Will share more later but if he wasn't a sign for me today I don't know what was. Have a great night!
  11. Wow, what a day. My head is spinning. You can't miss a minute here today! So many great articles I am still trying to catch up! Thanks for another great one!
  12. Wow! thanks for that great article. First time I got to jump back on today. I am rather speechless. Great job, great job! One door closes and another opens my friends..............
  13. Thanks Stryker. Things are getting better. Our company will close by the end of the month so I will have more free time on my hands. Now I would love to have something else occupy that time! :) Love the cryptic Yota........... any news is good news in my book these days. I am focusing on my half full to overflowing cup. Have a great day! I will send you an email later, I found something that I am not certain that you have seen. Til then.
  14. GM all. Great find this morning Yota. Needed that type of pick me up to start the week! I have noticed that when they start throwing out the term in the coming days it usually means about a fortnight (roughly 2 weeks). So we shall see. I do not believe the rate will be too low as the Iraqi's will still have better purchasing power if they use the dollar, jmho. Well it is a wait and watch game now. Patience is a virtue and I along with many of you are up to our eyeballs in it. Have a great Monday everyone. :)
  15. And the International Monetary Fund expressed recently his support of the Iraqi economy in the event of his a number of economic measures, including raising three zeros from the local currency. Why don't we just move along then. Credit issues will resolve themselves........ GM Yota, thanks for the article.
  16. Stryker this may help Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications: Iraq is linked to all the countries of the world via submarine cables On: Saturday 03/10/2012 8:56 Read more:
  17. Thanks for the post! I wonder when exactly they are going to do this part: improve the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar, which would have positive effects on the level of living of the citizen in the medium term and long term . I do not believe him when he says this He added that monetary policy has been able to achieve success and clearly in terms of improving the exchange rate of the national currency and reduce inflation in prices, which led on the whole to stabilize the economic situation Read more: I believe it will happen once the rate changes...........then there will be success!!!!!!!!!!
  18. This is great news! Perfect for the swift system! No excuse now regarding international trading, banking, or any transactions! :)
  19. Thanks Yota! I couldn't find anything on Friday about this meeting. I ran across that he had gone to Jordan to ask for debt forgiveness and the closing line was about this meeting with the IMF. Thanks again for posting!
  20. Goodness I am out for another day and it is just overflowing with news. Great day on the water though. Thanks for the post, the breakdown (love the color you picked it cause this is hot news), and the rumor! Great day!!!! :)
  21. I hear you Sgt. I missed that these meeting occured and am curious if there is an article about either. I am searching but so far no luck. Yota help!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Does anyone have any further info on Essawi meeting with the IMF?
  23. Did not say it was a federal conspiracy. The feds had put up temp servers after a horrible virus was on the net. They were up for quite some time, don't have an exact timeline. They announced they were taking them down and that if you had not fixed your issues with the virus your site may go down. That is all nothing more.
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