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  1. This is another morning that is going from good morning to great morning!
  2. I did read it. Closed to all commercial traffic only allow people to cross. We also have the bank holiday on Thursday............. so if word got out........... to little to late. I do love how all the pieces are fitting together. Thanks for correcting me on SWIFT. Iran also stops trading in the petro dollar this week, not sure how that is going to work without SWIFT, will they be crossing other borders with truck loads of cash? Curious. On top of things as usual. Thanks much Yota!
  3. This was a very interesting thread. Thanks to all who contributed. With regards to their neighbor Iran please remember they are being removed from the Swift banking system which I believe if memory serves was yesterday. Their neighbor has no access to any type of global banking, can't transfer money, do credit card transactions or see currency rates etc. This may explain the urgency to get this done IMHO.
  4. Kurdistan seems to be very popular as of late. Thanks for the post.
  5. Thanks for the post. Well this is interesting because in an article that Yota posted the last line is this: "those non-Arab only, which will participate at the top is the United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Organization of African States and the European Union. " Read more: So who is invited and who is not and does it really matter?
  6. GM Yota, do I understand the last line correctly (it is still early) "those non-Arab only, which will participate at the top is the United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Organization of African States and the European Union. " So members of the EU will be there?
  7. Wow great news. Thanks for bumping this folks, I might have missed it otherwise. Happy Monday!
  8. GM, thanks for the articles. Did not the CBI issue a limit on the commisssion not to be more then 10 dinars?
  9. Could you re-supply the link? The article is different it is from Oct. 2011. Thanks.
  10. Erbil Auto Show Sells Most Expensive Car in Kurdistan 15/03/2012 03:49:00By HAWAR ABDULRAZAQ and HEVIDAR AHMED Font size: A car presenter at one of the booths of the Erbil International Auto Show. Photo by Asaad Akan/Rudaw. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region -- The Erbil International Auto Show, held last week, showcased the latest models of Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover and Hamann cars. The organizers of the four-day event say it was the most visited fair in Erbil. Eighty-five companies from 18 countries participated in the show. Rawand Yasin, manager of the Mihtab Company, said they succeeded in bringing the German-based company Hamman to Erbil. “We brought Porsche cars and sold them at the fair,” said Yasin, who added they plan to bring Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Kurdistan as well. An interesting feature of the auto show was the presence of showgirls from Turkey, who attracted the attention of visitors. Ayden Gokdemir, a representative of Mercedes Benz in Kurdistan, said they brought the showgirls in keeping with the custom in auto shows elsewhere in the world, “but it is new for Kurdistan.” Inike was one of the showgirls at the Mercedes Benz section. She said she did not feel much difference between the event in Erbil and other places she has been to. “People have good information about our cars and, just as at other auto shows, people wanted to take pictures with us,” she said. Gokdemir said that a Mercedes ML car was sold for $660,000 at the fair, the first of its type to be purchased in the Middle East. Abdullah Amed, supervisor of the Erbil International Exhibition, said around 10,000 to 15,000 people visited the auto show each day, the highest number of visitors to an exhibition held in Erbil. “This shows that Kurds like cars and want to know about the latest developments in the field,” said Ahmed. “It also shows that people’s economic conditions are better in Kurdistan.” Ahmed Kiswani, general manager of the Carzone Company which represents Nissan in Iraq, called the auto show “exemplary.” “There was a strong competition between different manufacturers to present their best cars. I consider this the best exhibition in Iraq,” said Kiswani. Many visitors complained about the high prices of cars available at the auto show. Amira Rafayi, who came from Kirkuk with her husband to visit the show, said, “There are many beautiful cars here but they are expensive.” She visited the Erbil auto show to purchase a car. Sarbast Akram, who displayed a Land Rover and Jaguar in his section, said they sold $1 million worth of cars during the auto show. Among his customers was a woman who bought a sports model Jaguar.
  11. Nujaifi , soon visit Saudi Arabia . 15/03/2012 13:22:00 Baghdad/ Nina /--The Information Office of Speaker Osama Nujaifi announced that Nujaifi will pay an official visit to Saudi Arabia in the coming few days . The office said in a press statement : " Nujaifi will head a parliamentary delegation to visit Riyadh in the ahead period , at an official invitation of the Shura Council in Saudi Arabia." The statement did not specify a date for the visit, adding that Nujaifi will discuss bilateral relations between the two countries." / End
  12. Parliament start session headed by Najafi and the presence of 220 deputies. 15/03/2012 12:26:00 Baghdad/ NINA /--Parliament started before afternoon its Thirty session of the current legislative term headed by Speaker Osama Najafi, and attended by 220 deputies, out of 325. The agenda of today's session includes , the first reading of proposed amendment of the law of 2012 federal budget and vote on the ratification of Iraq accession to the International Convention on the institution of the Organization of the International Agency for Renewable Energy and vote on the memorandum of understanding between Iraq and the European Union on strategic partnership in the field of energy. "/ End
  13. Internal affairs chief in Nineveh police survives assassination attempt 14/03/2012 19:13:00 Mosul (NINA) – Internal affairs chief of Nineveh police, Colonel Ahmed Kadhim, survived today an assassination attempt by an IED northern Mosul. A source in Nineveh police told NINA correspondent that “an IED implanted on the roadside in Al Arabi area northern Mosul exploded when the colonel was passing by. Nobody was injured.” /End/
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