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  1. Can you email me at ? We can arrange it that way. Paypal is perfect.
  2. Considering offers...again it's for 1,075,000. That's almost 1.1 million. Need the $ for family emergency or I wouldnt be selling.
  3. You can also contact me via email... Ive been on here for while so I can be trusted. I have pictures if youd like to see them.
  4. I have 1 million and 75,000 dinar for sale. All 25,000 bills; bought from GID Associates; Includes their certificate of authenticity; all uncirculated. Asking $950 for all. I take paypal and will ship with signature delivery. Please contact me if interested!
  5. prob tired of the same old thing. everytime one of these articles has come out announcing the reserves and making a statement about the rate of exchange, people go nuts with misinterpretation. it has nothing to do with an rv.
  6. Youre reading this article the complete opposite than what it should be read. If your statement is correct, you described a 100% lop/rd.
  7. 33 tril dinar iz equal to 25 billion dollars..thus the reserves of 80 billion can co er the current rate of exchange. youre reading this wrong if you think it means an RV rate.
  8. 33 trillion dinars currently equals approx 25 billion dollars, thus they are simply saying they can maintain the current rate of exchange while backing with reserves. this has nothing to do with an RV....its business as usual.
  9. Thanks for the chat....I've been away for while but hadn't caught any mention of what your contacts overseas are saying?? Obviously they're excited about Chapter 7, but have they made mention of a rate increase in the very near future? I would've posted this in the questions but, as I said, I have been pre-occupied with some family things that needed my attention. Thank you.
  10. Very well said. None of those things were ever proven as fact and have been expanded from rumor to truth with no basis.
  11. First of all, again, what article is he referencing? He always seems to reference these so-called important articles, yet we never seem to see them?? Secondly, he is now using statements such as "this information must be 'guarded'"?? Wow. He's getting worse everyday.
  12. Its not unethical, its a standard practice. The Iraqis won't be cheated out of anything. They still have the exact same value of money that they had before the exchange, unleS the new IQD revalues a bit. Its an economically standard RD. I'm not sure why anything feels its "unfair" because the only people who feel they've been cheated are the ones who believe in an overnight millionairre scam. Eight year ago when I bought IQD, there was not talk of the "zeros." Everyday currency investors like myself hoped to gain a penny at best in a revalue. Now with the internet, sites selling IQD for profit, and forums, a farytale has sprung as they make millions by promising that everyone who buys will be millionaires. Think about it, and look back through the ineternet starting from 8 years ago up until now to see how twisted this has become.
  13. You just described how it will happen exactly. The coins are to make change for the new currency. I'm not sure how this doesn't describe an RV, just as every other RD has ever taken place. They remove zeros, introduce new notes, have two existing currencies/two exchange rates for a year or two, then they can raise the value of the new currency. No, I'm not a "lopster", I'm an educated and experienced economics professional/forex trader/currency trader/sat on several banking boards, you name it. So please don't challenge my opinion. If you don't agree with it I respect that, so please respect the "professional" take on this matter.
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