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  1. You wont find anything like this on Obama . In fact you wont find anything on him because his records are sealed. I dont know how fools can vote for a person that has so many secrets but they do. FOOLS I SAY !!!!
  2. Yea right. They are going to give the much coveted US dollar for dinar in Bagdad ?
  3. LOL "Heck, I'd settle for $.50 to a dollar at this point" wouldnt a lot of fools?
  4. Ever consider it might not be there ? I have found many of the rumors about dinar to be completely false. The one that nobody can prove or disprove is the one about Donald Trump holing dinar. I bet he does have a bunch. But theres a hollofalot of other crap spread around that is BS. They want green American dollars and thats why they sell dinar all the time, FOR GREEN AMERICAN $$$$
  5. I am sure you will get varying oppinions so I am going to give you mine. I am only on here today because one of these optimistic people text me today and said Adam said it RV'd. I have looked and found no evidence of that. They also told me the bank quit selling dinar. I called the bank and found that too to be false. What I think is the same lie has been said so many times and repeated from all directions that lots of people believes it. I bought in a few months back on this BS that "its happening now" and no time to research it because tomorrow is too late. I know lots of smart people that
  6. Well you know Okie he wants to check it out good before he tells it. LOL . In reality he has run flat out of lies. He has told so many that he just dont have anymore right now. He is really slipping ! Oh but I have faith in him. He will regroup and do it again. Does Okie own a dinar selling company or does he just draw a paycheck for his efforts ? Then again he may be the one that buys all the dinar from Iraq and resales them over here. Somebody is doing it . Regardless he is involved in the retail sales of dinar. NUFF SAID
  7. There is a lot I dont know on this issue. There is a lot I do know about how courts work. If a motion is filed in court and it is not opposed by the other party, the motion is granted. Who keeps opposing these release of records ? It couldnt be anyone other than Obama. He is as transparrent as a candy coated turd !
  8. Its fools like you that give it all away. Some dont take treason and espionage so lightly. If he checks out OK. At least HAVE HIM CHECKED OUT. He hasnt come forth with who he is. Still idiots vote for people they know nothing about. I have a feeling there will be much more exposure before election time. Trump is truely holding some cards. He will support whoever runs against him
  9. I read all this a while back. Then I researched the old articles. Some of the things in the story was fact. Some of it wasnt in the original articles. Beats me . It may all go just like all you optimist say it will . I dont think I am a pessimist . I just like a accurate measure. Some thing are easy to see fact from fiction. In this dinar game we are overwhelmed with lies on a regular basis. Some start them and other with good intentions spread them. I just love to hear and spread good news myself. It makes me feel good if I believe it. It makes me feel bad when I find out it was lies. I hope
  10. Shying a away from women who have had lots of partners? It is natural instinct. As a young boy, I can remember the thought of the girls that get around as being nasty. Most young boys feel that way. As they get older it wears off. I have always believed it is human instinct that helps to some degree to slow the spread of desease.
  11. Is that all you know ? Well I can tell ypou more. He lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies. Now you are better informed. NUFF SAID
  12. Just like the GOI keeps saying . New bills to ne release will be worth 1,000 times more per dinar than the bills we hold. A article like that gets posted on this board. Half the posters read it and think it means something else. Then the ones that seem to understand it dont believe it. Some say they are lying to keep us from buying them. Smell the coffee. They sell them several times a month. Its plain and simple . RD then slowly RV . As it stabilizes (if it does) and the GDP goes up so will the dinar. The white house said very recently we will cut down to 3,000 troops by the end of year. I
  13. Wise up. Obama dont plan to save this country. He hopes to disolve it. That super secretive lieing sonof a ***** is trying to destroy this country and all its accomplishments. Iraq will fall to muslim extreemist while he is still in office.
  14. I go there everytime I read this. It always works for me. I often wonder why some people post the things they do. Whats up ? You got a computer virus that wont let you go there? Or are you being deceptive? What ever. I copied and pasted the auction results for today. Thats one hundred and ninety one million one hundred and sixty seven thousand. I guess its not a lot for a country to sell. The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 6-SEP-2011. The results were as follows: Details Notes Number of banks 19 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1170
  15. He pays Okie to generate those american $$$ . I guess he wants American $$$. He keeps selling dinar for $$$. I think something is up with that.
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