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  1. Yeah we're all interested in the illustrious PP Tee, so what's the contest..... The best side splitting/smoking bacon humor and porkies we can tell in your opinion??
  2. Aha, it is said that it is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky...novel way to do it! Go Rv!!!...pigs might fly!!
  3. Thank you and your order is coming right up! Eggsellent work PP!
  4. Congrats Cisole totally deserved for active positive involvement....on the other hand commiserations on having to rescue the chats and rule the roost! ...Hmmm bacon and eggs!
  5. Yorick your yellow yachted yankie yuppie yelled yiddish yesterday. Yak yoke yields yoghurt yeast. Yuck/Yummy?// Yuck/Yummy?? Young Yvonne yawns yearning Yale year Yucca, yew, yam yield yonder yarn. Young Yahoo yobbo yearns yellowcake ytterbium yield
  6. Quaint quiet quest Queen quits quirky quiz quoting queued question quarrel quandry quagmire! Quack Quack Quack
  7. Hey does holding passports for both NZ and Oz count...where's the party gonna be??
  8. This new 100 note of Benjamin Franklin has is an uncanny resemblance to a famous New Zealand export to Oz called John Clarke aka Fred Dagg....scary stuff makes you think the whole new specimen note thing is a joke as he is a comedian commentating on politics in Oz these days. Good to see colo(u)r being added to the greenback...catching up with Oz and their plastic fantastic notes. Q to Tiffany23 is the plastic note 'worse' than the cotton based ones when new?
  9. No naked navy nuclear nut needs niceties normally! Nervous Nelly needs nice neighbours
  10. Nice Cisole....I'm enjoying the thread from a different timezone. Kindly keep keen kids kitchen knives knacked.
  11. Ignore imaginary impossibly idiotic insulting illiteration illustrations intended "to" immediatedly invoke irritation!
  12. Dancing Dan deliberately dithered deciding dinar documents. Delicious Delilah distributes danity dresses. David driving drunk during dramatic divorce dangerous. Doctor Doolittle diagnoses dentist daughter Diana dying. Detailed Dinar deposit discussion disappointing development DINARHOLDERS DECLARE DEBT DEAD!
  13. Obtuse Know-all's Idiotic Evaluations!
  14. Darin your pie slice analogy was a nice simple way to show the effect of re-distribution of wealth with a reduced money supply...something a newbie like me can get my head around! This total thred has been head spinning but gives a glimpse of the big picture and scenario planning that is involved for Shabs and those appointed to control the money supply and get the IQD into world circulation. Good stuff all!
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