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  1. I just had a good friend visit me. A mutual friend we know (ex NZArmy vet) had repeatedly warned the NZ police over a year ago of the psycho, radical mentality of the Dunedin gun group where the lead Australian shooter attended. He was laughed and dismissed as the police said they were a bunch of grumpy old losers and not harmful. Wrong deduction Watson!! So saddened to hear of this story and see a personal video first hand about it. (Too graphic, expletives and explosive to share sorry
  2. NZ people are shocked and saddened by the mass shooting down in Christchurch. 49 dead and 20+ injured. This is so unlike our nature.... the pain is raw and ugly for everyone. Our hearts go out to all the victims, for us race or religion of a person is irrelevant.
  3. Lost Lost in Space Lost in this Mind Game Space Never mind, I barely follow 60 to 80% of the clues but finding the clues is the bigger mystery as i am not on twitter to look up the relevant tweets. Hey if only 50% of what Q projects comes to pass you guys will be better off. My desire is for the Maestro to drain the swamp. The pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together for the long game he is playing.... catching the DNC literally with their pants down. Just enjoy the geeks doing this. We will all shout hurrah when things they project or interpret pan out. Es
  4. I must admit to following Serial Brain 2 videos for sometime. It gives me a non USA outsider a different perspective that my unbiased mind can readily absorb. I'm with you LGD this level of communication is out of this world. What appears simple or banal is in fact part of a bigger picture that conveys a different message to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The earlier video highlighting Shillers possible role in Q and the Pretorian guard is enlightening. Thanks Karsen.
  5. CL it is nothing to do with the % who support or vote for this. It is all part of the plot by socialism to create entitlement and further divide the country.
  6. Wow brilliant one stop shop site for things concerning privacy. Great find Thanks Bigwave for bringing this. Time to go silent and Dark 😎
  7. Scouts looking for sign of Leo in sky. Meanwhile....
  8. Thanks, I'll reflect on that...
  9. Just a heads up, but is that a chicken pie perchance😎
  10. Is that an Octymoose??🤔😆
  11. Ummm.... you can't breed steers. Takes some balls to do that😎
  12. Yes you are on the right track regarding taste. Kale is different it is more like mustard seeds taste but delicious in my view. In my dreams to have a dehydrator.... yes humidity is the killer or the pain in trying yo dry and then powder it. But hey once it's done it's great on all sorts of foods... I like it on muesli with yogurt; on scrambled eggs, any savoury dish served up; in smoothies etc Good luck with your first batch.
  13. The tree grows in warm places and grows well here in The tropics. The leaves are great harvested and eaten as a green with dinner.... sauted or steamed. I used to dry them in batches then powder them.... Not that easy in The tropics. The flowers taste great... a nice mustard flavour. I'm told the roots are like horse radish and the bark can 've used too. Certainly the leaves are easy to usr... I love the taste and my arthritis has subsided considerably
  14. I can see that but I'm a firm believer in that things are not as they seem.... it's a game of charades to confuse everyone until all the ducks are lined up. Trump has the ability to play it either way.
  15. Haha sorry to stir the pot and cause angst. My thinking is contrarian, think along the lines of things are not as they seem. Trump has made out to oust them but has a shadow game going on where the dems are more complacent and these big 4 are actually loyal to Trump and the military and will be used to drain the swamp with all those sealed orders lying around they will be acted on SOON.
  16. Hmmm I am wondering another possibility in his resignation. As an outsider looking in one has to wonder why all these ex military guys Kelly, Rogers, Sessions & now Mattis have resigned or been removed from their positions around Trump. I wonder if a military tribunal is being planned and these men will run it.....
  17. Haha im sure the real reason was the recent nuptials🤣😉😎
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