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  1. Sadly I believe the intent is to contain the nano scale tracking devices within the vaccine. I doubt blood transfusions would then rid the way it could jump into cells.
  2. Thanks Floridan. She outlines an interesting timeline and a kicker clause that makes you go hmmm.... China knowing shut out the knowledge of Coronavirus with WHO assistance. Both need to be held accountable!
  3. From what I have read, the 5G effect is not related to COVID-19 in China but rather another mystery biological weapon perhaps. There is a lot hushed up in China at ground zero.
  4. Thanks for the breakdown Gregp. I commiserate with you and Smokey Mtn Dinar with allergies to penicillin. While I agree all three items should be taken together, in your cases I believe it would be advisable to take just the other 2 key components (hydroxychloroquine and Z-pack) and if possible substitute a suitable similar antibiotic that you are both tolerant of. Another thought would be to Elderberry extract and high dose Vit C and Chaga mushroom instead of the antibiotic to strengthen your immune system.
  5. Great response to Kristi BW. I agree, reduce sugars to the minimum even the natural ones (although honey maybe slightly better than most). Your point about what sugars do to the glycocalyx is key and little known by the general population. Your summary of your eating style is epic and to be admired! Thanks
  6. I tend to be contrarian in my views. Here are some of my random thoughts/Qs. Corona virus has been around for years, yes this is a new strain/GM/mutation, regardless of source the death rate is still remarkably low and in no way correlates to world wide panic currently being whipped up by the media. Think of this, Wuhan has supposed resettled 5 million people. There is no info on this. What if all or most are dead?? If that holds true, then it would not be Corona virus it must be something catastrophic with a very high death rate. This must be a biological weapon that escaped or
  7. Check out the Singapore approach to containing Coronavirus.... they are doing an excellent job of it.
  8. That is one of their (PTB) major intentions. Fiat is failing on many levels. The banksters are wanting to introduce their own digital currency so all people have to comply and use it. Simple good hygiene deals with the issue.... use soap, wash your hands, don't touch your face.
  9. Great summary Divemaster, we have missed your sage comments
  10. As an outsider looking in I would suggest at least Sanders is consistent with his calls/stand on socialism. Warren on the other hand is part of the nutters club and as inconsistent as pebbles on a beach. Each day brings a new slant on things with her.... all are gob smacking at best
  11. Hope with changing seasons the currents of the coast change as well.... moving sand at there whim. Add to that storms and voila... sand is transported up and down the coastline.... on every country on earth.
  12. Here is another thought to ponder. Iran has responded with next to zero harm to US Military lives as the forces had warnings and made into bomb shelters in good time. This sums up what the MSN is not saying
  13. Sorry to advise you but you need to be Platinum VIP to get the large quota. I see you are not in VIP, you are missing out on some good content there and OSI section.
  14. It didn't take Einstein to work out that would be your response.... so predictable . Enjoy living in your make believe world. I on the the other hand will watch events unfold that you say are impossible.... I may have to wait a bit but boy it will be worth the wait. You are about to be Trumped. No he is not my president but I admire what he is attempting to do to drain the swamp and set USA back on the path to greatness.
  15. I could give it but I'm tired of watching you guys pull everything to bits in the most ridiculous way. I'll give you a hint though... check out Kevin Shipp
  16. Guys I think you have the wrong whistleblower, this is another Skiff scam to distract and try to impeach your POTUS (this goes all the way back to Obama while he was in office) Schiff is hiding the true whistleblower by the newly formed whistleblower act (where they do not need to confirm the information).... a very disgrunteled power broker none other than.... an ex- warmongering advisor who listened in a personal phone conversation and leaked/passed this onto CIA operatives within the Whitehouse but is now hidden from interrogation....... None other than the hawkish John Bolto
  17. Below is a transcript of a very interesting but long interview ... worth the read. Big Tech Tyranny Dr. Michael Rectenwald was a professor at New York University and he jokingly describes himself as having been a lifelong Communist, "to the Left of the Bolsheviks" before he ran afoul of his wokester peers in academe. His story is very similar to my own, in that he was basically a professor of cultural criticism, which was my major. The analyses consisted largely of Marxist Deconstructivism. He could have been my professor. Like me, he was a Leftist until ve
  18. While I can see the short term benefit to Iraq with China coming in to do the roading infrastructure this freeing up IQD for other uses that benefit their economy. The thing is that all third world countries fail to realise that act of seeming benevolence on China part is in fact not that at all. China always does things on a long term strategic basis and they will ultimately demand their pound of flesh for their assistance.... Iraq just does know that yet. For China it is about control... over ports, airports, roadways.... etc etc. Danger, Danger Iraq!! Think smart and see what this tru
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