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  1. The government here in New Zealand has mandated that all health workers and all education staff and volunteers must be vaccinated. "No jab, no job" they say. Well my wife is about to lose her job as we will not bow to this forced coercion. Various rallies and peaceful protest took place on Saturday but this received no mainstream media coverage. Alas all they showed on TV was the government promoted telethon to get people jabbed with handouts and prize incentives.. They are treating us lawful abiding citizens like children. Sadly they are caught repetitively lying but they brazen on. So much for our supposed democracy here. All our Freedoms and rights are being taken away.
  2. Jg1 looks like the lights came on for you. Arginine is antagonistic so you want it suppressed by taking lysine
  3. Z-Pak is an antibiotic useful for lung/throat/ear bactetial infections ( often referred to secondary infections or complications) As such it is a second line of defense. Ivermectin ( and hydrochloquine too) are the primary defense as they target parasites (vaxx are contaminated with them) and also are effective against viruses. The vaxx does neither of these things. The public are being duped into lining up for it as it is their saviour. Sorry but avoid at all costs.
  4. Not to mention the Pfizer vaxx has killer parasitic contaminants in it... another reason to use ivermectin.
  5. Thanks Markinsa that was a remarkable article that has joined the dots for me.... everything in our bodies are connected and we are indeed what we eat. 80% of our "mood" is directly governed by our gut bacteria.
  6. KristiD what you replied above is very likely true and may seem like Trump missed a golden opportunity to nail the Dems on voter fraud. However, I believe he choked it back a bit as much of their real evidence has yet to be revealed. The various legal teams have to be careful what they submit as they run the risk of getting evidence dismissed as the case follows a higher path. So it would be prudent to save the bombshell evidence until Supreme Court hearings IMHO.
  7. Going back to the OP and all the world headlines that rammed that concept down peoples throats (throughout the world). The nedia is on a mission to shape peoples perception of what is happening. To use the analogy of the frog in a pot of cold water that is heated very slowly, will not jump out to save itself from being boiled alive. So too the media and pyschop operation being promulgated against "we the people". They are trying to shape you destiny by dulling your awareness and care factor. However, i believe Trump and his strong rallies has raised up the people and they are now awake and aware of the lying media. Just be discerning folks, pray and meditate on these contrived events that attempt to sway your thinking. Be strong, steadfast and unwavering in our God who will come through and deliver an astounding victory from this corrupt election debacle.
  8. That is a true statement from my understanding following this from down under.
  9. I agree KristiD. I don't believe Sidney has been thrown under the bus rather they have created clear lines of role seperation so they can mitigate any fallout if indeed one avenue does not work out as intended.
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