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  1. Anyone who believes this Bullsh*t is welcome to sell me their dinar at a massively reduced price.
  2. This analysis is good
  3. So I guess nobody told these "banker friends" about the Kuwait dinar back in the 90's.
  4. bulldog is just another pumper and bullsh*t artist.
  5. there is no such 21st century process as an in country rv, stop listening to those damn gurus.
  6. Obviously its an April Fool's joke. duh
  7. okie is a con man... enough said.
  8. Bulldog and Okie are con men... aka bullsh*t artists.
  9. What a load of crap! Folks... here is the obvious... March 21 is the Spring Solstice and is worshipped by satanists/luciferians with a sacrifice. Know your enemies!
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