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  1. I had to take a break from watching what was happening with the IQD. I am just casually watching after our election but still have hopes. 1:1 would be very nice, is it possible? I just want to end this, go home and stay there for a long time. Happy Veterans Day to all those who served in any capacity. In my happy opinion, that includes the families who supported from the home front as well. Freedom is not free (as they say), we all pay part of the price. However as all gave some, lets remember that some gave all. God Bless America and every freedom loving person in the world. K.
  2. If it is a GURU site it could mean one of three things: 1. The Dinar revalued, they cashed in and did not tell us (one can only wish) 2. They finally realized what they sound like spewing pablum all the time (not bloody likely) 3. They did not pay their web service fees (I guess if the Dinar revalued that would not be a problem) Just my humble opinion. Everyone have a great day!
  3. I did not think he called it every day, just once or twice a week. I remember last August when he called it that it was 100% definitely true no two ways about it. It was hot and dusty here and the fantasy he gave me about being able to go home was nice and gave me some good thoughts. What is really too bad is that he called the RV so many times is that it stopped giving me either hope or having any entertainment value. Personally, I don't think Oakie needs to go to jail. He just needs a warm glass of milk, a blanket and the care takers at the old age home to have better control over his computer access. Well, everyone have a great day, I am back to business as normal. Every day we do not have an RV is one day closer to when we will have it....whenever that will be. Everyone hug a loved one today. Having family and friends you may not be wealthy, but you are rich. K
  4. Great ideas but, while we are at it, can we: 1. Limit terms (1 or 2 is enough) 2. Limit the congressional pension (full pension for 1 term in office?, get real) 3. Add congress to social security (its good enough for us) 4. If we have to have a national health care, include congress in it 5. Give Congress an hourly wage like most of us have (The average national hourly wage should be sufficient) 6. 2 to 3 weeks vacation a year should be enough for them to relax plus holidays 7. END PARTISIAN POLITICS ON ELECTION DAY (They are the U.S. Congress, Not the Democratic or Republican Congress) These are just some of my crazy ideas. Anyone have any more?
  5. I travel alot including in Asia. Everyone once in a while someone will ask me if I am sorry that the USA dropped atomic bombs on Japan. My answer is that I am not sorry it happened, but I am sad that it had to happen. If I can recall correctly, there did not seem to be much notice around the world on December 7th.
  6. Didn't they always look like that? But I think not all of them, depending on how you define guru. For the worthless ones, it is just more noticeable now that their entertainment value has withered away to nothing. Just my two (not yet revalued) dinar in thought.
  7. I guess the saying is true: Age and treachery will always beat youth and stupidity. However in this instance, I think the word treachery should be replaced with resolve. If the two miscreants would have expected someone to be armed they would have tried that someplace else. If they thought that anywhere they went someone may have a weapon, chances are good they would not try it at all. Just for the record, I will stipulate that this theory is not 100% the case, but one crime prevented is worth it. Just my humble opinion in favor of enforcing the laws we have now on the books instead of creating new bans for lawful gun owners. I think I will cut this short before it turns into a rant. Everyone have a great day.
  8. Is Obama an eligible citizen to hold the office of President of the United States? I don't know and I don't care. I am voting against him simply because I did not like his first term in office. My vote: Anyone else! My ex comes to mind. She already has everything I ever owned.
  9. Maybe I do have OCD when it comes to being detail oriented. That is a job hazzard for me. I tend to get a good workable plan for right now and nitpick to death every detail when I have the time. However, whatever slight advantage top quality practice ammunition gives me, I will take it when the fecal matter comes into sudden contact with the electronic air accelerator. You are right about adreneline. You cannot avoid its effects , you can only plan for it. Bottom line we all agree with is no matter what ammunition you use, make sure you have the ability to put it where you want it to go and the knowledge when to do so. When confronted with a disagreeable situation the civilized person will attempt to negotiate a favorable solution. In a violent situation, having a firearm will let you negotiate if possible and from a position of leverage. As Will Rogers said: Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggy' while reaching for a rock. Its coffee time. Everyone have a great day, a better day tomorrow, and good place in line when the RV occurs.
  10. Guns will not protect against attacks by WMD. But that is no reason not to have a defense against other threats. If there were a ground attack, most Americans would stand together and defend. I am glad we still have the means to do so.
  11. I see your point but to me, the idea in practice is to make everything as close to conditions as possible. Train as you will fight because you will fight as you trained. All brands and type of ammunition have different characteristics. For me it is more peace of mind that I trained with the same ammunition I am carrying to protect myself. It is more costly to practice with the good stuff but hey, I am worth it. "practice, practice, practice" No better advice can be given. Agreed with the practice part and the 2 rounds is the best way to practice. My point could have been said better. I will use that I was hot and tired as an excuse. What I meant was that the beginner should practice more to be able to put rounds on target rather than worry about which ammunition is the best. It is better to have one standard round hit center mass rather than the highest quality ammo that can drop a bull with one shot go who knows where. Thanks for the discussion, great points made and nice to chat with those of similar interest (staying alive). For all you who would like to see greater gun control, I think we should just enforce the laws now on the books. Consider gun control a tight shot group. It is a new day here, the sun is rising, the jets are flying and the coffee is on. I think today everyone should do one nice thing for themselves and hug their closest loved one.
  12. I would have to disagree with you about the "cheap stuff" unless you are talking about a two for one sale. You should use the best ammunition available for reliability. Off brand ammunition has poorer quality control and more misfires. Even if you say that it is just for practice you should not use the cheap stuff. Practice with the same ammunition that you will use for defense. That will get you used the the ammunition and gun combination and with practice the bullets will go where you want them. The last thing you want to hear when you need your pistol is to pull the trigger and hear "pfffttttt" For personal defense I use Winchester 115gr Super X. What is most important beside what type of quality ammunition you use is making sure you hit your target. Even if you use standard ball ammunition, just hit your target center of mass. If your target does not go down, hit it again. That being said, your first defense is not putting yourself in a situation where you need your pistol. But when all fails because of yours or someone else's mistake, just be glad you are prepared. To read disclaimer highlight from here This is my own opinion based on good judgement and too much experience. Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgement. Since it is my own opinion, I am entitled to it. I will allow this opinion to be open to discussion for the benefit of all but not open for ridicule, argument or insulting remarks. This offer is void in some locations, and expires midnight at the end of the Mayan calander, IQD RV, or Fred the Wonder Horse's Birthday, which ever is in the middle. Tax and Tax extra, and void if the month has an R in it. Your mileage may vary. No gurus or pumpers were harmed in the formation of this opinion. To here Everyone have a great night and a better day tomorrow.
  13. Here is my own personal opinion devised out of real practicality: If Romney answered no to the following questions I would still vote for him if he could answer yes to the last one. Will you show us your birth certificate? Will you show us your school transcripts? Will you prove your US citizenship? Do you have a drug free history? BUT the important question to the next president is: Can you make the USA as financially successful as the companies your started?
  14. I think you are reading it wrong. Being where I am, sometimes I have nothing better to do so I read the ebay website alot. I buy lots of things including dinar and here is my observation. Currently, world wide there are 821 auctions for New Iraqi Dinar. I will just look at the auctions from sellers in the USA. There are 750 total auctions when I looked, 335 are for buy it now and only 190 are for 100K dinar or more. About a month ago when I was looking to buy some more dinar, there were well over 2000 auctions for IQD,over half were buy it now and more than 60% were for 100K or more IQD. That is when the rumor was about a September-December RV. After emailing with some of the sellers I buy from, I see a pattern forming. Most of the sellers both buy and sell dinar. As the general outlook is that an RV is farther away, there are more sales. When the word on the street is that an RV is closer, there are less sales. The sellers I have chatted to both have a personal and business stack of IQD. Now since they own their business stock, when it looks like an RV is close, they sell less because they can cash in the business stock. Apparently, that is a good strategy. Anyway it makes sense to me. My conclusion: Track the number of Dinar sales for 100K or more in the US. As the number goes down the scuttlebutt is pointing toward an RV. Higher numbers indicate the rumor mill is pointing to a longer wait. Of cousre, this is only a rough indicator because less sales by a seller could mean they are currently out of stock. It was 114 today and very dusty. The men's comfort facilities are in a metal container and the air conditioner is broke. So you can see how my day is going . I hope you are all well and as you know, the above posting is my unsolicited opinion based on nothing but observation, conversation and bored thought. Before I go, I just want to say that I figured out when the RV will be.... It will be when my ship comes in ...Of course that is the day I will probably be at the airport.
  15. In my own humble opinion, the Gurus used to be entertaining. That has long since passed. Now I do not read much other than this forum and check the FOREX every week or so to see if anything happened. I also think that the term "guru" does not apply to all information providers. To me it is applying an oppocite like referring to a bald guy as "goldie locks". I wonder if any of the so called Gurus have ever been to Iraq, formally studied economics, or have any real basis of knowledge other than the internet. At this stage I plan to work toward normal retirement age and be very happy if I can make it earlier. Yep, I have changed from optimistic hope to realistic hope. Plan for the worst case and celebrate when the outcome is better. Today is 121 degrees, dusty and hazy. Life is still good and all is well. I hope everyone here is well also. K
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