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  1. Marlisco

    Did Something Happen to the DV site

    I've got a problem too. After I went VIP Platinum, my name & photo disappeared from the Dinar Vets member list. Was it my deodorant ?
  2. Marlisco

    Adam Montana weekly - June 4, 2014

    Maliki has made more enemies than friends. His future does not look bright. So why is there such a strangle hold on the RV.?
  3. Marlisco

    VIP doors are CLOSING

    That's great news for Iraq. Now I'd like some good news for my bank account.
  4. We need to keep a clear head and not get all wrapped up in emotional diatribe. Now is the time for clear headed politicians (if you can find some) to stand up and go to bat for the constitution. The anti gun liberals know just how to rile up the patriot gun owners. Then there is mayhem. Think about it folks. And I mean give it some serious thought. Economic power and group pressure always wins. Get into a club or group and support it. Give a few dollars. Encourage the able speakers to talk FOR you. If all you can do is get pissed and rant and rave, calling names and using profane language, you need to step back and support the ones who can speak for you. I've been on this earth seventy plus years and I have never seen it fail yet. Have faith. Support the constitution and respect the flag. God Bless America.
  5. These folks need to get over their infighting and get down to the business of running the country. You're right, the rebirth of a country is never without struggle.
  6. Marlisco

    VIP MEMBERS - bypass picture instructions here.

    I cant figure out how to get a picture on to this site. Please Dinar-ify me, I'd like one one of those little badges. Technology is rough on us old guys: It took me two years to learn how to use a cordless phone...

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