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  1. Launch of a modern transportation project in an Iraqi province 22/02/2019 9 Sulaymaniyah is planning to launch the "Modern Buses" project, which is slated to enter the implementation phase during the next few days. The director of the Department of Transport and Communications in Sulaymaniyah Siddiq Mohammed said in a press statement that "the approvals of the directorates of traffic, municipal and transport and all relevant departments have been taken and that the bus project is awaiting the approval of the Sulaymaniyah Governorate Council to come into force. He added that next week will witness the signing of a contract with Char Production and will be allocated a number of modern buses that will transport citizens on the road of King Mahmoud ring and from 6 pm to 2 pm. In a related context, Mohammed announced the project of organizing taxis within the city of Sulaymaniyah, pointing out that it will be identified 100 private parking spaces within the city and the distribution of taxis on those positions to reduce the traffic momentum within the city, adding that it will allocate taxis working With the "Khafara" system throughout the night.
  2. America: Keep 200 of our troops in Syria near the Iraqi border Editorial date: 2019/2/22 8:42 • 160 times read The White House said on Thursday that the United States would leave a "small peacekeeping group" of 200 US troops in Syria for a while after its withdrawal, after President Donald Trump retracted the full withdrawal of troops. In December, Trump ordered the withdrawal of 2,000 US troops from Syria, saying they had defeated a preacher there, although Syrian-backed Syrian fighters were still fighting their final battle against the organization's latest positions. But Trump is under pressure from several advisers to adjust his policy to ensure the protection of Kurdish forces that have strengthened the fight against Daqash, which may now be threatened by Turkey and counter Iranian influence in Syria. "A small peacekeeping group of about 200 will remain in Syria for a while," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a brief statement. The decision was announced after Trump spoke by telephone to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. A statement to the White House said that as far as Syria was concerned, the two leaders agreed to "continue coordination on a possible safe area." A senior administration official said the preparation of the Trump decision had been underway for some time. It was unclear how long the 200-strong force would remain in the area or when it would be deployed. Keeping a small group of US troops in Syria would pave the way for European allies to pledge hundreds of troops to help build and monitor a possible safe area in northeastern Syria. The leader of the US-backed Syrian opposition forces called for an international force of between 1,000 and 1,500 troops to remain in place to help fight the insurgency and hoped the United States would suspend its plans for a full withdrawal. The decision to retain the Trump peacekeeping force could help overcome criticism that he ordered a surprise withdrawal from Syria that could lead to a resurgence of his power. "This is a clear signal to our allies and coalition members that we will still exist to some degree," said the senior administration official. So far, European allies have been reluctant to contribute troops unless they have a firm commitment that Washington remains committed to the region. Belgian Defense Minister Didier Renders told reporters on Thursday ahead of a meeting with US Defense Secretary Patrick Chanahan that the issue of keeping troops in Syria in the future would be discussed with US officials. Turkey wants to create a safe, logistical-backed zone from its allies and says it must be cleared of the Kurdish-backed Kurdish People's Protection Units, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization. The White House did not specify where the troops would be stationed. In addition to northeastern Syria, officials spoke of the importance of keeping troops at the strategic base of the border with Iraq and Jordan. A US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the initial plan was to keep troops in northeastern Syria and Tanf. Planning was still under way and changes could be made, he said. The al-Tanf base was established when Da'ash fighters controlled eastern Syria bordering Iraq, but since the terrorists were removed, al-Qaeda has become part of the US strategy to contain Iran's military expansion. US officials told Reuters that when Shanaan was in Munich last week, he held a meeting on Syria with a small group of defense ministers. They said they spoke of the need for some sort of security arrangement in northeastern Syria after the departure of the United States. Shanahan will meet his Turkish counterpart on Friday. US Senator Lindsey Graham issued a statement praising Trump's decision to keep a small US force in Syria as part of an international stabilization force, saying the president had taken the right military advice that would help avoid problems the United States faced in Iraq.
  3. Iran begins major maneuvers and test submarines launched for the first time Editorial date: 2019/2/22 14:38 • 72 times read Iran has launched a large-scale naval exercise at the entrance to the Gulf, which will include the first cruise missile launch from submarines, at a time of increasing tension with the United States. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said that more than 100 ships will participate in the three-day military exercises in a wide area stretching from the Strait of Hormuz to the Indian Ocean. "These exercises will include addressing a number of threats, testing weapons and evaluating the readiness of equipment and personnel," Admiral Hussein Khanzadi, commander of the navy, said in remarks broadcast on state television. "Missiles will be launched from submarines, in addition to the launch of helicopters and aircraft from the surface of the destroyer (Sahand)." According to official media, Iran will test its new submarine (Fath) homemade and armed with cruise missiles. The submarine was launched last week. Iranian officials have already threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil route, in response to any US hostile move, including efforts to stop Iranian oil exports through sanctions. US President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran in May and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran. Tehran has expanded its missile program, especially its ballistic missiles. Iran launched the destroyer Sahand in December, which officials say has characteristics that allow it to avoid radar monitoring. The US ship John Stennis entered the Gulf in December, ending a long absence for US aircraft carriers in the strategic waterway. Iran has reviewed new surface-to-surface cruise missiles with a range of 1,300 km earlier this month during celebrations marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution.
  4. BAGHDAD - Kuwait handed over the remains of 300 prisoners killed in the last century 22-02-2019 10:18 AM Number of Views: 64 Agency of the orbit - BAGHDAD - The head of Basra police announced Friday that Kuwait had handed over the remains of 300 Kuwaiti prisoners killed in the 1990s. "The remains of 300 Kuwaiti prisoners have been found over the past 15 years and have been delivered to Kuwait," Basra police chief Rashid Falih, a member of the Kuwaiti and Iraqi tracing committee, said in a press statement. He explained that 'searches for the remains of Kuwaiti prisoners continue, and recently conducted in the province of Dhi Qar in southern Iraq', pointing out that 'the number of missing Kuwaitis in Iraq killed by the Saddam regime is about 613 people'.
  5. Iraq hands over the remains of "300 prisoners" killed in the 1990s 12:33 - 22/02/2019 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The head of Basra police announced on Friday that Kuwait had handed over the remains of 300 Kuwaiti prisoners killed in the 1990s, pointing out that the number of missing Kuwaitis in Iraq was 613. "The remains of 300 Kuwaiti prisoners have been found over the past 15 years and handed over to Kuwait," Basra police chief Rashid Falih, a member of the Kuwaiti and Iraqi tracing committee, told media. He explained that "the search for the remains of Kuwaiti prisoners continue, and recently conducted in the province of Dhi Qar in southern Iraq," pointing out that "the number of missing Kuwaitis in Iraq killed by the Saddam regime is about 613 people." The UN Security Council has urged Iraq to continue its research efforts aimed at resolving the issues of missing Kuwaitis and other nationals of other countries since 1991.
  6. Syria's Democratic Forces welcome the decision to keep US troops 02:16 - 22/02/2019 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Syria's "Democratic Forces" in northern Syria welcomed a US decision to keep 200 troops in Syria after withdrawing troops, saying it would protect their region and could encourage European countries to keep their troops as well. "We assess the White House's decision to keep 200 peacekeepers in the region ... positively, and this decision could encourage other European countries, especially our partners in the international coalition to fight terrorism," said Abdul Karim Omar, Also to keep troops in the area. " He explained that the survival of these forces in this region, until the country's crisis is resolved, "will be a catalyst and support and a means of pressure also on Damascus to try seriously to have a dialogue to resolve the Syrian crisis." White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said on Thursday that the United States would leave a "small peacekeeping group" of 200 troops in Syria for a period after the withdrawal of US troops from there. End of 20 / h
  7. On the brink of defeat with his last pocket in Syria 04:36 - 21/02/2019 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Syria's demilitarized forces are expected to complete the evacuation of civilians from the last pocket to organize a terrorist crackdown in eastern Syria, paving the way for US-backed forces to stamp out the last remaining terrorist rule that once spanned large parts of the country, From Syria and Iraq. Iraqi sources said Thursday that the Iraqi army had received 150 Iraqi and foreign sympathizers from the Syrian Democratic Forces, which are surrounding the last pocket of the terrorist organization, near the Iraqi border, under an agreement that includes a total of 502 fighters. The Baguoz village on the Iraqi border is the last spot under the control of a terrorist organization in the Euphrates river valley, which has become the last bastion of criminal organization in Iraq and Syria after a series of defeats in 2017. Although the fall of the Baguz is a milestone in the campaign against the terrorist organization and the broader conflict in Syria, criminal organization remains a major security threat. Gangs are increasingly turning to terrorists and continue to control territory in a remote, densely populated area west of the Euphrates River, an area controlled by the Syrian government. Mustafa Bali, director of the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces, told Reuters the troops would attack as soon as the evacuation of civilians from Baguz was completed, a process expected to end on Thursday. Bali did not say what time it would take to eliminate the fighters of an organization calling on the remaining terrorists or giving a new assessment of their numbers. Previous estimates of Syria's democratic forces indicate that the number of fighters holed up inside the Baguz is several hundred and most of them are foreigners. The US-led coalition said on Wednesday the "most dangerous" terrorists were still in Baguoz. Syria's democracy forces said more than 2,000 civilians had left the enclave on Wednesday. More than 20,000 civilians have left Baguoz in the days before the start of its latest operation to control the enclave this month, she said. On Wednesday, Bali said Syria's Democratic forces were not sure whether some of the criminal group's fighters had left the Baguz with civilians. The Syrian Democratic Forces and Coalition Forces record the names of all persons who leave and interrogate civilians. Many of those who left the enclave in Iraqi civilian convoys said some had crossed from Iraq to Syria as Iraqi government forces made gains at the expense of a terrorist organization on the other side of the border. Two Iraqi military sources told Reuters that handing over the fighters to the terrorist on Thursday was the first stage in several stages. An army colonel based on the Syrian border said most of the fighters were Iraqi, but there were few foreigners. Ahmad al-Mahlawi, a resident of Qaim, said some families of criminals had also been transferred. "In the early morning this morning I entered ten trucks loaded with fighters urging the terrorist and their families coming from the Syrian territory were handed over by the Syrian democratic forces to the Iraqi army." "Most of them were Iraqis, the convoy was under heavy security and went to the operations command of the island and the desert," he said.
  8. Conscious / Central Syrian: Collect 131 billion Syrian pounds from issuing certificates of deposit 21/02/2019 12:24:00 PM | Number of readings: Conscious / Baghdad / follow-up On Thursday, the Central Bank of Syria raised about 131 billion Syrian pounds from issuing certificates of deposit, in a move aimed at activating monetary policy and controlling the supply of money in the local market and the use of funds in projects. The Central Bank said that the number of certificates of deposit subscribed to the issue, which was closed yesterday, amounted to 1308 certificates worth 130.8 billion pounds distributed to 16 banks in Syria. The certificates were issued at an interest rate of 4.5% per annum and a nominal value of 100 million lira per certificate. "The Central Bank, thanks to the IPO, has been able to control the cash supply more effectively by activating a range of monetary instruments," said First Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Syria Mohammad Hamra. "When banks use part of the deposits in these certificates, they can accept more deposits from the population, thus withdrawing part of the surplus cash and using it for financing and employment." Hamra pointed out that the issuance of these certificates will have positive effects on inflation and exchange rate, through the absorption of part of the money supply. On the plans of the forthcoming Syrian Central Bank, the official said that the bank plans to issue certificates of deposit in US dollars, and issuing certificates for Islamic banks.
  9. Central sells more than 176 million dollars Thursday 21 February BAGHDAD - The Central Bank of Iraq announced at the end of its meetings this week on Thursday, the sale of more than 176 million dollars. The Central Bank of Iraq during the auction for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies today, a rise in sales to reach 176 million and 81 thousand dollars covered by the bank exchange rate basis of 1190 dinars per dollar, compared to Wednesday, which amounted to sales 174 million and 349 thousand dollars. The distribution of the request by 156 million and 211 thousand dollars to strengthen the balance abroad in the form of remittances and credits, while the remaining balance of $ 19 million and 870 thousand dollars covered by the bank at an exchange rate of 1190 dinars per dollar. As it did not make any of the banks amounting to 28 banks in the auction currency of any offers to sell the dollar. It is noteworthy that the Central Bank is conducting daily sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, except public holidays on which the bank stops these auctions.
  10. Conscious / Iraqi Central announces the height of its implications for the meeting today 21/02/2019 16:02:00 PM | Number of readings: BAGHDAD / Iraq's central bank announced Thursday that it had sold more than $ 176 million. A statement by the bank received by the Iraqi Information Agency ( INA ) a rise in sales to reach 176 million and 81 thousand dollars covered by the bank exchange rate basis of 1190 dinars per dollar, compared to Wednesday, which amounted to sales 174 million and 349 thousand dollars. The distribution of the request by 156 million and 211 thousand dollars to strengthen the balance abroad in the form of remittances and credits, while the remaining balance of $ 19 million and 870 thousand dollars covered by the bank at an exchange rate of 1190 dinars per dollar. While none of the 28 banks in the currency auction offered any offers to sell the dollar.
  11. $ 500m raises question marks on "witty fortune" _NEWS_DATE: 2019/2/21 23:18 ?? AÂ ¢ ?? A ??? ¢ 381 times read [Baghdad] After the success of the Iraqi security services in dismantling "the largest funding group for the miserable in the history of Iraq," observers put a big question mark on the sources, which depend on the network to finance what they described as "huge wealth" of terrorist gangs. The National Intelligence Service, on Thursday, dismantled "the largest funding group to organize a terrorist advocate in the history of Iraq," with more than $ 500 million. The Iraqi expert in security and strategic affairs, Hisham al-Hashemi, "The achievements of the National Intelligence Service can be considered" a major achievement confirms that these gangs lost a lot of their funds and networks and accounts and dozens of investment projects. " He added:" The amount found in possession of the greatest group the wealth of the extremist organization, and thus the process is the decisive blow to the back of the Central Bureau of Finance Daesh. " he said al - Hashemi that" the network was a follow - up by the intelligence service months ago .. and rely on funding offices and shops variety and style complex , "noting that the purpose of all this complexity is "Camouflage and jamming on Follow-up movement of funds. " For his part, said the Iraqi expert in security affairs Fadel Abu Greif, the group that was dismantled "spider and branching in many European and Arab countries." He said Abu Griff ", that funding is under banking and digital remittances, pointing out that remittances offices , some of them belong to the country" and other offices from distant and neighboring Iraq states, "without specifying the names of certain countries. He continued:" These remittances are used to buy weapons Ammunition, explosives and explosive devices, and all that the terrorist organization uses in its operations. "He concluded by saying that the information on this group is still few, considering that the investigation is still ongoing in the meantime.
  12. Iraqi security alert on its border with Syria _NEWS_DATE: 2019/2/22 0:09 ?? AÂ ¢ ?? A ??? ¢ 312 times read The Joint Operations Command announced on Thursday that it would mobilize all its military resources on the Iraqi-Syrian border. "The Joint Operations Command confirms its follow-up to the developments in the Iraqi-Syrian border area and its possible security implications for the internal security situation in Iraq," the statement said. To confront all possible repercussions to prevent the infiltration of terrorist elements individually and repel any exposure to the troops stationed "She stressed" not to tolerate the issue of combating terrorism and eliminate it and prevent its impact on the internal security situation and it is a top priority "; "The return of displaced Iraqis from Syrian territory is under their supervision and in coordination with the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and the Commission on Human Rights and other security and governmental bodies." The operation commander denied "the existence of a collective return of the population of the camp and the Syrian territory," pointing out that "what is rumored about this is untrue and not credible at all." "The decision on the issue of the return of displaced Iraqis from the camp of the Hol is subject to study and scrutiny to take the appropriate decision security and human."
  13. yota691

    Harmonization of customs tariff

    Customs: Importation problems will be resolved within 24 hours Wednesday, February 20 Alsumaria News / Baghdad General Administration of Customs confirmed on Wednesday, seeking to find urgent solutions to address the problem of import licenses, noting that it will solve the problem within 24 hours. The Authority said in a statement that it "is urgently seeking to find a quick solution to avoid the problem of variation in the units of measurement approved for goods in the import licenses issued before the entry into force of the draft standardization of customs duties and procedures in 2019/2/16. She added that "there is high coordination with the General Company for Trade and Trade Services of Iraq to find a formula for the approval of import licenses issued before the entry into force of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (13) of 2019, and will be resolved within 24 hours in cooperation with the company and its branches in the provinces "He said. It is worth mentioning that the General Authority of Customs started last Saturday to implement the Council of Ministers Decision No. 13 of 2019, which unified procedures and customs duties at all border crossings of Iraq, including the ports of the Kurdistan region.
  14. Federalism provides for the constitutionality of the mechanism for inclusion in the list of the freezing of terrorist funds Tuesday 19 February 2019 57 Baghdad / Al-Sabah The Federal Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled out the constitutionality of the mechanism for the inclusion of persons on the list of the freezing of terrorist funds established under Regulation No. 5 of 2016, and pointed out that this procedure is done after reasonable and serious reasons. "The Federal Supreme Court held its session under the chairmanship of Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud and the presence of all the members of the judges, and considered the appeal of the unconstitutionality of Regulation No. (5) of 2016 (the system of freezing terrorist funds)," Ayas al-Samuk, spokesman for the court, , In violation of the Constitution and the laws in force, has been the prosecutor in his case the Prime Minister / in addition to his job. Al-Samok added that "the plaintiff limited his case to cancel the text of Article (13 / I and V) of the system of appeal for violating articles (2 / I / C, 13 / I and II), (15), 19 / II, And (47) of the Constitution. " He added that "the plaintiff requested the cancellation of the contested text, and any text that violates the Constitution of the system under appeal, and article 13 of the system states that" (a) the Committee on the freezing of terrorist funds on the freezing of terrorist funds or economic resources of persons identified on the basis of Security Council resolution 1373 (2001) and other relevant resolutions: (13 / i) Prepare a local list listing the names of persons with reasonable grounds to believe that they have committed, attempted, attempted, participated in or facilitated the commission of an act of terrorism or Who act on behalf of such persons or under the direction of Or they are under their ownership or control, directly or indirectly, at the request of the Office of money laundering or terrorist financing or any other interested party)). " "Article 13, paragraph (5), provides for" the inclusion of a person on the list, without the need for prior notice and may be included in the absence of a criminal investigation, trial or judicial decision ". "The Supreme Federal Court, through examining the contested text of Article 13, found that the Committee for the freezing of terrorist funds includes the names of persons in the matter of freezing their funds, ie, the funds of terrorists or their economic resources, and identifying them after reasonable and serious reasons for believing And rely on the official reports of the security services, intelligence and justice and the statements of the accused in the roles of judicial investigation based on evidence and convincing of the reasons for the issuance of decisions and the freezing of funds and financial assets."The Federal Supreme Court went on to state that the text of Article 13 / V of the Law included the inclusion of the person on the list without the need for prior notice, and that this procedure is so decided in order to speed up the implementation of the decisions necessary to limit those who finance terrorism, A precautionary measure that includes freezing funds and financial assets and not allowing them to be transferred to terrorists for terrorist acts. " He pointed out that "the Federal Supreme Court in its ruling article 7 (II) of the Constitution, which states (the state is committed to fighting terrorism in all its forms and works to protect its territory from being a headquarters or a corridor or a yard of its activity), and that the Council of Ministers the authority to issue regulations and instructions And decisions aimed at implementing the laws in accordance with Article (80 / III) of the Constitution. "The court affirmed that the issuance of this regulation was based on article 22 of the AML / CFT Law No. (39) for the year 2015, and since article 7 (II) of the Constitution obligates the state to combat terrorism in all its forms, The Federal Supreme Court finds that the defendant's issuance of the order in question does not conflict with the provisions of the Constitution. " "The Supreme Federal Court said that this system has entrenched the right of citizens in the system to challenge the decision issued by the Committee for the freezing of terrorist funds by challenging the Administrative Court of Justice." Al-Samok explained that "the court, in view of the advanced reasons, ruled that Article (13 / First and Fifth) of the system of appeal does not intersect with the provisions of the Constitution; it is in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 / II. "The plaintiff's request to cancel the order or cancel the texts that violate the Constitution, the Federal Supreme Court found that this request is not possible, because it is bound by the request contained in the petition after the restriction is the request to rule unconstitutional article (13 / I and V ) Of the system subject to appeal, and therefore all of the above ruled the response of the case

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