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  1. When working at Tallil from 2005 - 2007 I took a tour of Ur, lots of really great ruins there. Once Iraq becomes stable, tourism should be a big industry for them, lots of history in that place.
  2. 1. Get the hell out of Afghanistan 2. Beer 3. See 2 4. Repeat 3
  3. Uh, pretty sure you forgot the link or something....
  4. Let's see, end of Ramadan is the 30th, that will give me 4 days to get home for K-States opener. Hum, that will work.
  5. That should get me home from Afghanistan in time for the start of College Football. That would make me very happy.
  6. Yeah, kind of curious where this came from? Who would pay them for members hitting the + or - button?
  7. "Got this off of OOM chat, 10:39 PM [michealp] ok people here is the real deal and dont care if u believe or not it is truth-rain forecasted for Texas, yes Dallas Private Bankers are told to not sleep but be on system all night as rate will be dropping in between now and 9am est $5.25 tied to GBP very high potential to be cashing in tmrw as Private Bankers are calling people with 5 mil dinar and up first." Why is it that people believe this 5.25 GBP crap? I am not an expert on exchange rates, but I would be shocked if there is any currency that is at the rate. Why would a worn torn country with limited infrastructure, security questions, and a weak central government be able to open at a rate like that? For me it just does not pass the logic test.
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