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  1. Are we looking at a 10 year float? Is there any Indication of meetings or something to look for in the early months of 2017? Great article, hope it's soon, real soon
  2. Exactly, and it's definitely positive. Not sure about others, but I've been on this 8 years now, I'm sooooo ready to be done with this. It finally "seems" like the end or at least the best step is upon us.
  3. Anyone have clarification on this? Sounds like a who's who of the Iraq money team getting together to do something. 8 yrs on this ride, kinda done with it, let's gooooooooooooooo.
  4. This sounds major, a definite move in the right direction. Hurry up and get this over with.
  5. There's been a lot of articles from experts reporting to media about the zeros and oil and gas laws, I was hoping to hear something from you since it didn't seem to be from obvious no credible sources. What was your reaction,as well as your sources to the amount of info coming out regarding these articles, and any word from your people about the 50's being taken out and how that impacts their process for the other notes?
  6. Outnumbered by what? You don't know me,or anything about me, except I want to read facts about dinars and the progress and not opinions. I couldn't care less about how anyone feels politically, they can all go jump in the ocean, but outnumbered by what?
  7. Adam, please, I appreciate the research and info on our investment, but please let's leave political opinions out of this. We are in this for the money not to cast blame, and when you go on tangents based off your personal opinions it taints and pollutes the facts and we can't tell where one starts and the other ends. This isn't fox or cnn, just the facts, please, we are of diverse backgrounds in a common goal, soon this will be less dinar facts and more of people polluting your forum with bitter chats and keyboard tough guys. I look forward to each Wednesday for the chats but today was too much.
  8. Good morning or afternoon, my question concerns last weeks Hcl concern that you were hoping would make its way over the next few days. I was watching, waiting and hoping to hear something big, but not. Could you let us know to day what had you excited about the hcl last week? Sorry, a follow up question regarding the wto and Iraqis denial to join, is that a "force to step up" scenario, but how would that ultimately work for or against us regarding an rv?
  9. The exchange rate will remain the same till the end of the year............and the year after that, and after that, and then that one, and the next one as well. Because we're the only country who can produce millions upon millions of barrels of oil and can't pass a hcl law, and we like to use our currency for toilet paper because we now have control of our country and don't know jack squat what to do with it.
  10. Another article about needing a plan with no plan. All talk no walk. Get your heads out of your asses and just do it already!!! You control the value, do something with it want to be a great nation but you money is literally toilet paper
  11. I think it might be easier to say what's right with them, I didn't know assbackwardstan was the new Capitol of iraq
  12. Good job explaining hcl. Chapter 7 let's Iraq run as a govt, Hcl let's them run as a bussiness. Lets hope they go big right out of the gate, however, anything over a dollar will be fine by me. I just hope that their rate has been under for sooooo long that they want to raise it high (enough) to show the world that they still have their big boy pants. Currency backed by gold and oil, sheesh we should see something nice after Ramadan
  13. Thank for the article. "As soon as possible" translates to " taking our sweet a$$ time" lol. Lets go rv!!! They can't be happy with the way their quality of life is over there, lets do something already.
  14. Good morning Adam, there were signs of the auctions slowing down, is this a sign of anything? Also, does the interest of American banks in Iraq post a problem in the process as far as wanting to get in on the "action" and possibly hindering progress with the cbi? Finally, I caught an article where it mentioned that we would need an rv with an even step, I've watched these things fairly close and haven't heard of this before, any clarification on this?
  15. Adam, with the talks of chapter 7 being resolved on Thursday, will there be another chat or will the VIPs be sent notification regarding this? I've seen articles posted on the Hcl coming to agreement as well, it has been said that these two stones will drop around the same time, any confirmation from your inside folks on the validity of these matters? I mean the currency can't be crap forever, I have a tingle in my goods that this may be our year.
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