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  1. Pin it to his shirt... that would be a fantastic image of him getting off the plane with his Dukes of Hazard lunch pail and a note pinned to his shirt.
  2. Beginning to think, Iraq is Arabic for "Land of those who are easily manipulated"
  3. I got .90 dinar to $1 also (900,117,000 dinar divided by 1,000,000,000 dollars) or $1.11:1 Dinar ($1 divided by .900117 Dinar) I hope thats right!
  4. MP from Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mahma Khalil, for contracting the Iraqi Central Bank with (4) known international companies for the printing of new currency for the printing of the new national currency after you delete the zeros of which, describing the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency as "successful" and the time is ideal for replacing them. Khalil (of the Agency news) on Sunday: The project to delete three zeros from the local currency is one of the important projects and at all levels, whether for economic or security to the country, pointing out that the topic of the
  5. July 2012, Chpt 7 comes up for review again in June. With Kuwait giving the "We want them out of 7... blah blah" routine, the UN might be influenced to get the proper paper work together, and signed by the end of the extension. Then the process starts, per my own opinion obviously. As far as lop vs rv... all i want is an end result.
  6. IMO, I think they will wait until the end of the extension, June. Just to confirm this isn't a claim built on the false hopes of Kuwait built on false promises made by the GOI just to get this type of press release, to influence the UN on their release from Chapter 7.
  7. When are they supposed to meet again on chapter 7? I thought they postponrd it for 6 months back in December. So that puts us at May or June I would imagine before any sanctions are lifted. I am only guessing, but late May, early June would put them in line with a 90 trade in window of the old currency, to be completed in September. If my interpretation of the articles is correct (which it probably isn't)) September looks to be the most likely 3zero phase 3 start date. I dunno, hope this makes sense, the lovely female on the treadmill in front of me is jacking up my concentration...
  8. Pooper... A-hole... techniclly the same, and I am generally referred to as a sarcastic a-hole, so it works :lol:
  9. Bummer I liked the other Math, I was doing it the same, forgot it was 1usd = 1166iqd and 1iqd=.00086usd
  10. For arguments end sake, when the RV is done, how about you back up your speech with some proof that you don't practice religion like a Catholic Priest** or a Borgia Pope. ** (edit: select FEW catholic priests, there are those that should not be bundled in with those wretches.)
  11. In the coming days we shall see the RV, Flying cars, more fuel efficient camels, and Disneyland on the moon... just not in that order.
  12. I dare ask the question: What is 'normal' to them...? Arresting people for Sorcery... normal? Barricading ourselves in our office because we are fired... normal?
  13. Agreed, with so many 'sources' it seems this would be a priority... or at least what their take is... do we have to be VIP to get the answers?
  14. Why would they announce the date or even the location? So some extremist can attempt to annihilate them? I think the rouge moves are due to safety precautions.
  15. 100% agreed.... The arguments following most of these articles are as rehashed and reused as the articles themselves.
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