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  1. Got a 'Verbal' warning. Not sure I deserved it, i may have, I just want to know why, and what i did. How do I get ahold of the moderator? Or someone who can clear this up for me. Thanks!
  2. June 29th, 2015... that really sucked to say, sorry.... Mine too
  3. Thought it was $80 billion???
  4. In 1990, wasn't the Dinar valued at 1iqd = $0.06?
  5. Does this mean we are going to have to wait until the 2014 budget is approved, in Feburary?
  6. Correct me if I am wrong: So, if they have $80 billion in reserves, and 33 trillion dinar to cover. If they RV to $2.50, that means each dinar is worth $2.50. That 33 trillion now becomes worth $82 trillion. How does $80 billion cover $82 trillion? Unless they remove three zeros, then they have enough to cover, almost.... Am I thinking on the right path here?
  7. Maliki: "Mine? Mine? MINE!? MINE!? MINE!? MINE!? MINE!?MINE!?MINE!?MINE!?"
  8. Ya, from the same article: The 15-member council unanimously agreed that the issue of missing Kuwaiti people, property and archives should be dealt with under Chapter 6 of the U.N. Charter - which urges countries to peacefully resolve any conflicts - instead of Chapter 7. So they agreed that the issue of missing people shouldn't keep them from being removed from chpt 7, i didn't see it say they were. Although Rueters is not the only source of info, I just find it odd too.
  9. NICE, when are the sanctions to be removed? Effective immediately?
  10. No worries, was scared it was only pre-coffee:30, thought i jacked up times
  11. Right there with ya on that, madden\summerall play by play would be brilliant!
  12. So the increase is from 1183 to 1178, is that correct?
  13. Bama, I posted earlier in the thread my thoughts on his passing. I was hoping to get some closure to why such a sad thing occured, so when someone said to google the name, I did, and posted my results, with the intention to say "This is what I got, anybody find anything better, what am i missing?" Apparently thats not what I alluded to, sorry. Again, not my attention. I did over two years in State lockup at his age, now I work in IS Securities... I am the last to judge, and the first to forgive the trespasses of youth. I apologize if you felt it was offensive, if thats the concensous, I will take it down.
  14. All i found was a mugshot from 2003. Lord knows i have mine out there somewhere too, so i won't judge, just trying to find an obit.
  15. I quite litterally cannot express my shock. I honestly am not a highly religious man, though I respect the faiths of others, I hope that his faith is rewarded. My prayers and hopes to his family and friends. -Andare con Dio
  16. IMO Sounds like they are going to be paying with Oil profits, and that the full amount will be paid back , in oil funds, by the end of 2015. Only then will they be free of Chapter 7.
  17. "restore the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to normal to prevent a repeat of the case of exchange rate volatility. And plunged the value of the Iraqi dinar gradually over the past weeks to reach the price per dollar to about 1129 dinars after it had been stable for 1120, the highest rate up to the exchange rate during the past two years" Does Normal mean what it was before it dipped, 1120?
  18. Convenient timing? Baghdad (news) .. Accused the leadership of the Liberal bloc Prince Kanani Maliki he was trying to breach the constitution by calling for parliamentary elections ahead of schedule. Kinani said (of the Agency news): From a constitutional standpoint election must be held 45 days before the expiration of the mandate the House of Representatives no objection to provide election Month or two. explained: can not be held parliamentary elections ahead of schedule by six months or more by the Constitution, and thus the demand for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to call for early elections is in check statements electoral. said: If the Prime Minister is satisfied his being a consensus government and restricted for his work can be to submit his resignation and asked the President to designate another person or is to form a majority government or compromise or technocrats or in any form in the interests of the State. explained: that Maliki's remarks where a lack of respect for the constitution, which put him to the elections and set it to time. / Finished / 3 . d. Q / Read more:
  19. Quiz, is this a line from: A. an article on the 2012 Budget B. an article on the 2013 Budget C. All of the above D Every article explaining all delays involving Iragi goverment,including their constipation....
  20. Wonder if this has to do with the HCL needing time on the floor...
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