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  1. Oh ! Captain cliff u r ever so knotty. Heehee
  2. Yeah......our little secret.....not ! LOL ! Take care . Thanks for the post. Looked at the samples of ur work ..they r beautiful . BB
  3. My eyes r brown and I am not full of crap. Okie is just a complete blethering skite. My eyes r brown and I am not full of crap. Okie is just a complete blethering skite.
  4. Welcome to the best bronco ride in the world.! I do n't do bashing. We are all here for the same / similar reasons. Thanks for the post. Take Care and go R.V. !
  5. Well hello there tyron ! It is ping down at the min. Nice to have ur post , even if it didn't tell me much about you ! Take Care
  6. LOL ! Thanks for the post . Well at least u r here and in this bronco ride with the rest of us . Good to speak with u all .
  7. Yeah it would be nice . But don't intend to stop work. I am not heavily invested but if it does well I would certainly be comfortable . However I love the job that I do . Thanks for adding me to ur friends list .
  8. LOL ! Laughing so much I can hardly use the keyboard ! Just popped over to another site (DG) to see what thy were posting . I do this a couple of times a day. The pumpers make me laugh. Anyway okie is now saying it could be thursday instead of monday which is what he claimed earlier today. Now he just needs to cover the rest of the week ! LOL! Go R.V. Whenever u like !
  9. Cool thanks for the reply. Hope some day we can all meet up and laugh . I could have used nurse rachet as I am a registered mental health nurse and drug and alcohol specialist . Take care.
  10. LOL! Now my mind has gone in a hundred different directions !
  11. Oh possum I would love u to b right. But where is the proof ,
  12. This is just for a giggle. How did we all decide on our names? I am guessing but think some are possibly based around service call signs . How did dinarthug come up with that ! The guy is hilarious. Mine is bettyboop. Why ? Well ..1 I am a woman and proud to b so. 2 my first name is Elizabeth , which is often shortend to Betty in the U.K. 3 I have dark curly hair just like Bettyboop and big brown eyes. And lastly I have a tatoo of her at the top of my thigh and underneith it says... "Well hello there". Would love to hear your stories . X
  13. Like I said in another post - somebody please find okie, take him to the nearest psychiatric unit. Padded cell required urgently and some serious medication. Haha !
  14. OH. ! Please ! Please ! Please ! Someone find okie and take him to the nearest psychiatric unit ! Padded cell required urgently and some serious medication !!!
  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ! Somebody arrange for okie to go back to high school ! Has not a beauty school drop out , he is a guru school drop out! His grammer is disgraceful. "Previous monday ! ". Ha ha !
  16. Smee2 , I can fully understand where you r coming from, but life is too short. If u like u can go to my profile and e_mail me via my personal e_-mail. That way we can become friends and get to know one another b4 the party starts. Hopefully this would give u some xtra confidence. Best wishes , elizabeth (aka bettyboop )
  17. A cruise would be fab ! 60 days post RV is good for me. This would give me time to arrange dog sitters and get some time off work. Plz keep me posted
  18. Cooked , so glad my post gave u a thrill . LOL !
  19. OH GOD! OH GOD ! YES ! YES! YES! OH YES! Sonny 1 you have just made the earth move for me ! Thanks it was amazing . X
  20. LOL ! LOL ! LOL ! ...................... Sorry almost stopped breathing I was laughing so much ! LOL !
  21. I gave my brother and sister-in-law some dinar for their 40th birthdays back at the beginning of july. At the time i told them to hold on till it R. V's. I also explained that it my not work out at thousands but there would be some return and that i hope it helps them in some way. My sister and her hubby got me into this and I believe in it. If I make hundreds of thousands of pounds or millions doesn't really matter to me. I would love to make enough to be a wee bit more comfortable , i.e. so that i no longer need to work overtime and i can renovate my house a wee bit . However, i am a
  22. please let the r.v. happen on friday and not before. i have just bought more dinar !!! hope you all have a great day! i am even although i am late duty at the hospital.
  24. Was born in a tiny village called TARBRAX, COBBINSHAW, WEST CALDER, SCOTLAND. It is out on the moor land need the scottish / irish state hospital. Was raised on a dairy farm there. Now work as a mental health nurse. I live in a village about 20miles east of Glasgow called , Overtown, Wishaw.
  25. Is that $ 4.41 or £4.41!? either way i like it but ideally i would like it in £ 's please. noticed the gurus r wrong again. hmmmmmmmm.............Now why does that not surprise me? Thanks for the post . HOPE THIS REALLY IS AT LEAST CLOSE TO THE RATE. GO R.V. !
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