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  1. Sandy Ingram Wealthy Iraqis move to the Caribbean. Guess who's on the list? ...The leader of the Kurdistan region and the former governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and other businessmen suspected of corruption...Iraq's politician are monitored by the organized Crime and Corruption Report Project (OCCRP)...This is part of the effort to catch individual involved in corruption....The project reported the purchase of Dominica (tiny Caribbean island) citizenship...enabling them to travel worldwide without a Visa...This country's visa is magical. Citizens can travel to 144 countries without a visa... [Post 1 of 2....stay tuned] 11-25-2023 Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram The country has no tax on foreign income, capital gains, inheritance, stock profits, wealth or gifts...The former Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Makhif, obtained Dominica citizenship in 2017 along with his wife and two children and did not renounce it upon his appointment as governor of the CBI which was clear violation of article 18 paragraph 4 of the Iraqi Constitution. He held the position of governor of the Central Bank of Iraq from September 2020 until his removal by the current prime minister on January 23, 2023...There are corruption questions...a legal complaint... has been filed due to the loss and depletion of millions of dollars regarding forged import documents... [Post 2 of 2]
  2. @Shedagal THAT was a very interesting read. Some of the treatments suggested I already take so that is possibly why I am now having more good days than bad. However I will be looking in to the rest of the suggested treatments. Thanks again.
  3. Many , many thanks. Will spend a lot of time reading this.Bless you and thank you for tryi g to help.
  4. O don't think they will offer those sort of things.... they will point out the benefits of having money in the bank .How electronic payment makes life easier. Point out the dollar is going away etc. They were advertising savings accounts with 7 % interest recently . That is really good . They might offer 8 % for the first year and then 7 % there after. Either way they will bamboozle them with figure to show how much money they would gain by having an account
  5. As far as I am aware it is the first time he has said it. They have never been this far progressed be fore. I don't think we will be here inn20 urs. Possibly another 1 maybe 2 ... unless thw war in gaza escalates... then we are stuck with a useless currency
  6. I worked in the NHS at the outbreak. I was considered a high risk patient but we also had managers who told us if we did not take it we would have no job. I am now on long term antibiotics and long acting antihistamine because I scratch constantly and the sores are infected. My gp is pretty sure it was thebnano particles in the vaccine that caused the reaction. I have had covid once that I am aware of but despite the vaccine it totally floored me . that was in January 2022 and I have had long covid since
  7. Unfortunately some of us were forced to take ot or loss or jobs I had 2 shots plus a booster and I an not aloud any more by order of my gp. My skin is covered in sores as a reaction to the second jab. I have also had long covid for almost 2 years
  8. Poor guy ... he must be exhausted waiting for them I was watching a video of MM the other night and the number of folks who were singing Marks praises just astounded me!
  9. Markz is so far into his own wee world he has lost touch with reality! Expanding the air industry is a positive move and Pimpy is right ... get rid of thendollar and the dinar will fly!
  10. 11-25-2023 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] My Redemption Center contacts are still on call this weekend. As of this morning they have not been called in…yet. 11-25-2023 Newshound Guru Pimpy If you are being forced to rely on the US dollar that strengthens the US dollar. Think supply and demand. If the US keeps going around forcing these countries to have a dual currency and to take the US dollar, people will rather have the US dollars. They believe those dollars to be stronger but as people start to de-dollarize and get away from using the US dollars and start using their currencies that strengthens their currency and weakens the US dollar... 11-25-2023 Newshound Guru Militia Man Article: "Ministry of Transport intends to open direct airlines towards Australia, America, Malaysia" It's not just about a few regional countries. It's about many different places. Once you start opening up the airports all the investors can gain access to the country to take charge of their investment, produce their businesses. It's a really big thing to have an international airport full...they have their capacity...what they're using today is at 100% and they're not even international yet...
  11. With a bit of luck Al Malakis name I'd at the top of the list By making an example of these people it will are some thing twice. Unfortunately some will continue because they think "it won't happen to me" . It also shows the USA that they are taking the action they were advised to do
  12. Thank you TB. I worked in addiction / mental health for most of my career. It pains me to see patients who desperately need treatment being refused because they are no longer considered a priority
  13. I am aware there are some very clever people in this site who understand finance way way better than I ever will. We are all looking for a positive out come where we benefit and the iraqi people also benefit. When these really smart people speak I take in what they have said and try to learn more in my own time. I don't have all the answers, none of us do. We don't know when it will happen. Me.... I am just a psychiatric nurse who wants to be able to retire early and develop a social housing project for the less fortunate people in my country. I am sure that would be more rewarding that what nursing and health care has become across the world, especially since the virus took over. I no longer feel safe atnwork. Not because of the patients but due to poor management of the system, lack of funding and a shambolic government
  14. Somebody does not want their cash cow to end. But if they genuinely stop the use of the dollar in the new year and it can only be bought through the electronic platform then common sense would indicate that the street traders will go away eventually. However , we know it is a very corrupt country and thus we need to realise it will not happen over night.
  15. This is mainly for folks who maybe haven't been in this as long as some of us. I have been here since 2011 but had lurked for about 18 months before joining. Now it is easy to get caught up in the hype and the it is done ! The rate is xxx. I look in on YouTube everyday. I watch a lot of stuff on there not all about the dinar. But if you go look right now... the rumours are that it will be done by December 1st. .... what was it last month? ... Nov. 1st.... Now many of these pages are from young men in Iraq. Probably poorly educated , have discovered the hype about the currency of Iraq AND have jumped on the bandwagon of the frank, marks and others in dinar land. If you actually listen to what they say you will soon realise they know NOTHING! They basically repeat what we read in the rumours section of this site. So, I would encourage any newer people to go read older things on this site. Educate your self and try to understand what iraq is doing and the huge potential ot has. When somebody calls out a rumour in here it is usually 1 of us who has been here a while. By all means ask questions but think about what you want to ask. Anybody want to add to this please do
  16. Education of the citizens. Streamline the banking sector Cashless society Reduce corruption. Get money in the banks and out of the mattresses Reduce the money supply and de-dollarise at the same time.
  17. Nothing for about a week. Sit and think of options to keep it safe. Cash in enough to cover essentials at the time. If it is above £2.50 I am all out. Might invest in some property to rent out. Pay all my dents off except the mortgage as it would actually cost me 30000 more to pay it off completely. Buy a camper van and go where ever the road takes me for a while
  18. And the delusional fairytale continues.
  19. @jaybake lungi is not part of the problem. If he did not bring the rumours along with all the others who contibute we would have less experienced and less knowledgeable people totally believing this rubbish! Nobody knows the date or rate Yes we would all like it to RV this very minute but not happening. At least if they read it here people like lungi and myself can state it is rubbish and perhaps save somebody a lot of misery and disappointment. Otherwise they may well join other sites and believe every .word spouted by Frank and Mark or tnt Tony. Nadir doesn't know anything more than the rest he just expressed an opinion but it isn't full of the bank story hype this lot spout.
  20. I read this on another site and had a good old laugh.I have noticed him and Frank pumping bank stories more so in the last couple of weeks. They are so out ragious that anybody with a mors8 of common sense and intellectual should be able to see it is out right lies!
  21. Si if the project to delete the zeros still exists and those zeros come off the rate that is an rv not a lop
  22. Well for years all the gurus have claimed it has to RV. At some point they have all compared it to kuwait, even although it is not a real good comparison. However, the comparisons Pimpy makes are pretty accurate . I would love to see it be fore christmas because I agree ... it has to .RV. When is anybodies guess but they would not do them selves , the country or the people Amy favours by lopping the currency when they have come thus far.So yeah it has to RV!
  23. Well here in Scotland we don't have thanks giving so atbchristmas. Most homes have a starter of soup or prawn cocktail or pate with oatcakes or toast . Then the main is turkey with sausage or sage and onion stuffing. Sides would be mashed potatoes, carrots, parsnips, peas, sweet corn, Brussels sprouts and in our house we also have broccoli. Some hoes will also have roast beef or ham as well as turkey. Pudding is traditionally either Christmas pudding with cream and brandy sauce or trifle . However this varies greatly as there may also be roulade or gattue. Then there is christmas cake and a cheese board with fruit and crackers.
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