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  1. Question then is..... how long will they hold this one to one in country be fore they enter the forex?
  2. just change the bloody rate and your parallel market goes away.... instantly, overnight , gone! fools!!
  3. 😅😅😅... frank 26 and walking stick just repeated what the goat said. Now we know where so.e of their intel comes from!
  4. Anybody think it has to move rate before the elections for Sudani to have a chance?
  5. Dinar investor put a video out yesterday saying the appeal needs to overturn the budget and the last think we should want to happen just now is the budget to go ahead.
  6. Some days I just don't know what to think anymore about this "investment"
  7. You can not have that sort of exchange in country and let the rest of the world get 25000 usd / gbp outwith iraq for a 25 k note. If the zeros come off the notes it needs to be world wide!
  8. Also.... if it is true they plan to use the 100000 note in banking, why would you create such a thing if the zeros come off the notes?
  9. How on earth can a 25 K note have the same value as a 25 dinar note? Doesn't make sense to me. Is there something I am missing?
  10. The goat has always said the zeros would come off the rate but I would agree this describes a lop
  11. Can't verify it but praying it is true! Is this not the interview from when he visited America?. If it is he did not actually say he would be raising the value of the dinar.
  12. @Longtimelurker. . many thanks. Hope your father is doing well. My dad is through the surgery now back to the long road to recovery
  13. Are the kurds suffering sun stroke?!!
  14. Unfortunately it is too big a surgery for a spinal block
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