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  1. I have to agree 100% . That appears to be the far out deadline. I would think we might see another rate change before then. Possibly 1100 or 1000 to 1 and then another change some time in the 1st quarter of the new year
  2. That is a lot of dinar in circulation.... that could slow things down by the time they reduce the money supply. In saying that it could be a wee lie
  3. Sometimes you gotta laugh at the translation.... "for the banks wheels" 🤣🤣🤣
  4. That could be interpreted in a couple of ways! Either they are not returning to the previous $3.22 or thay are not returning to 1450.
  5. @Luigi1 I can't see them devaluing the currency at this late stage
  6. Realistically, EVERY GURU is making money in some way shape or form. They had the savvy to make money. Yeah it can be considered immoral but if some of us had thought of it.... I don't mind milita man . Individuals make there own choices to subscribe to these things. Melanie Hinds annoys me more. She charges around 19 dollars and it goes up to around forty dollars. Her god speak drives me nuts. I don't watch her very often because it is just garbage but I have a friend who thinks Melanie has the answers.....
  7. 11-27-2023 Newshound Guru Pimpy There was a content creator who absolutely misinterpreted an article we need to clarify the mistakes that were made so people don't panic... Article "We are not thinking of returning the dollar to its previous price and the problem began under Saddam - Central Bank" When they say return it to the precious price, for some reason the individual thought that meant returning to the $3.22 rate. That's not what they're talking about. Nowhere in the article does it say the $3.22 rate. It just says return it to its previous price...that means the one before this one. That would be 1450 dinar. He's talking about they're not going to devalue the Iraq dinar. 11-27-2023 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] In Iraq: “Change of business dealings- Iraq replaced dollar with currencies to stabilize the dinar.” In other words “De-Dollarization” They want to be totally dollar free by Jan. 1st. All part of creating a basket of currencies that will help support the dinar. Something to measure against other than the dollar
  8. I think their next move is either 1100 or 1000 to 1. Whether that is before the new year or after is anybodies guess.
  9. In other words... iraq needs to be free of American influence, manage its own finances and have a currency that is worth something. So at the present time they have little chance of joining BRICS
  10. Anybody who doesn't think this will eventually happen should sell up and leave the site! If people had done some homework before buying IQD they might have realised it was a long term investment. Iraq has NEVER progress like it has since Al Sudani took the hot seat.
  11. I do believe we are closer to the end than ever before. Those of us who have been here for many years will recall how often it has been called as done and we have gotten really excited. But never before have we seen a GOVERNMENT of Iraq make the progress these guys have and to see them continue to push forward.
  12. Which would explain why countries around the world hold dinar and also why these well known people hold them as well. Although we will never know for certain if they do, I would suggest it is highly probable. Us little folks were never meant to know about any of this. Which is all the more resson for people to be denying anything about it when you go near a bank and why there are folks on you tube calling it a scam. They either know nothing or are being paid to deny it. It will successfully get some folks to dump what they hold. Think about who owns or at least has shares in pretty much every bank in the world??? Why would those super rich people / family want the little man in the street to gain any wealth from such an event as this?JMHO
  13. @Luigi1 am I correct that the Paris club agreement means they must RI/RV their currency?
  14. It was an executive order made by George Bush if I remember correctly Every president since has renewed it. Hence why it is still in effect
  15. I agree with everything you have said. So if I also offend somebody that is fine. I have been in many mosques 🕌 across the world. Amazing buildings but the fanatics of Islam scare me.
  16. This could spill over so easily and then we are stuffed for at least another 10 years
  17. Thanks Luigi. Hopefully they can get rid of the dollar sooner than later. I don't think we will see a rate change on the 1st January but maybe sometime in the first quarter of the year Unless of course they move it to 1000 to 1 before the new year.
  18. This latest story is even worse than the last one. Why anybody believe s him I will never understand
  19. What their idea of early next year and the rest of the world's most certainly varies greatly
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