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  1. odie

    Adam Montana Weekly 22 March 2017

    Hello, It says to "check your settings here". Then what? How do I know what settings to look for? Thanks!
  2. I Love this!! LOL. 1) First its all true, reported on Fox news. 2) Then on down in paragraph. "Uh, non of this has been substantiated! So don't take as fact. haha, its like hearing a speech from the administration.
  3. odie


    How do a make a photo small enough to fit for profile photo? I know probably stupid question. lol
  4. That is ridiculous that only the Rich Russians will be hurt. There are many many common people that are and will loose their money.
  5. I'm not for or against the President but, Holy Cow, here was the ongoing concern going forward: 1) Immigration reform 2) Medicare and SS not to be touched (both in massive trouble) 3) climate change What the ....? Nothing mentioned about: 1)JOBS - his jobs council has not met for 1 year. 2) Crushing regulations on the self-emloyed. 3) The massive amount of people that have left the workforce. 4) The doubling of people on food stamps. 5) Gasoline prices doubled in the last 4 years. So, have these issues gone away? Wow, I feel crazy
  6. odie

    what does the govt do after a disaster

    Here is who does a GREAT job. After every disaster, big or small that the Gov. or President does not coodinate. Hospital workers, electric workers (life on the line through the night in the dark), local business opening up to provide food and shelter free. (Thats right, big bad business owners, you know the evil 1% percenters). Local plumbers, vetnerians, back hoe operators, ditch diggers, neighbors, pastors, nurses, nurses aides. Oh, I could go on and on!! But WOW!! Here is the news! Isn't the President and Governor wonderful! gag
  7. odie

    Obama's Feelings

    When listening to Clinton telling this, one has to wonder, WHO is he campaigning for? It's actually hilarious.
  8. Doesn't anyone think this is the high point of hypocrocy that this young woman is encouraging all the young girls to vote for the best MAN your first time to vote. Just listen to it again. Its so funny. I thought this idiotic campaign was all about EQUAL rights for women. She comes across as completely ignorant, needing a MAN to fix her stupid world.

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