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  1. For the longest time on past blogs on this sight and others people have said that Wells Fargo is not and will not entertain the thought of dealing with Iraqi Dinars. But it seems that all the guru rumors of late is Wells Fargo this and Wells Fargo that including all this rumors or cashouts in Reno at Wells Fargo. Whats up with that????
  2. I feel that there are always radicals that do not want to see a free and democratic country. They thrive on hate, intimidation and turmoil. They control by fear and intimidation of their own people. If radical Islamists had their way we would all be dead. Islam is a cult where if you do not profess to believe, your own friends and family turn on you. Because if they didn't their neighbors would There is no free choice and the right to exist if you are not a believer. Do the leaders ( bullies) in Iraq and Iran and all those countries really want democracy? I am afraid that when US troops and other UN people leave the Bullies will force their way into control again.
  3. Pumpers again. Lies to drive up more sales.
  4. That seems like a lot of money for a bill counting machine that can only verify the UV feature on the bills. I can do that with a uv light for $5.00.
  5. That electic car can not work as there is no perpetual motion machine (electric car) that generates more energy than it uses.
  6. INTEL as far as I have seen from most guru's means ( I Never Tell Enough Lies ).
  7. I think that all these gurus are only a few people that each have a few different log in names. The wording of there messages all seem the same.
  8. If okie knows that a Texas banking consortium has the rate locked why did he not say what that rate is?
  9. I would like to see just a straight RV. but I feel it will RD and then RV to the same value or close to the Kuwait dinar.
  10. The Yahoo finance page showing the IQD/USD has shown the same frozen page from two days ago still too.
  11. I feel like every time the guru's claim it will rv tonight or tomorrow it is the dinar dealers pushers trying to get more sales of Dinar. I know it works on a friend of mine because he just ordered another 5 million Dinar.
  12. CBI's web page is still showing the normal 1168 rate but the page is still showing yesterdays date and has not been updated to todays date
  13. If there is two currency's out at the same time with different values will the new currency still be called IQD or will it be given a new designation code?
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