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  1. truepatriot, Yes, that is the story. I don't remember the version I read with some of the back ground details but that is for sure the story that I was looking for. I had in my head 3.14 so I was close but the way I remember the story was the guy gave the number and never said if it was a date or a rate or a bible verse because I remember the story saying the guy went back and looked up every 3:18 verse in the bible to see if it might be about money or middle eastern link and said it found no matches so he was unsure of the meaning of the 3.18 number. Anyway, that is the story. Thanks a ton for helping me out. Big plus one from me.
  2. Hey Guys, Hope someone might be able to help me out with my fading memory. I read a story on here maybe 2 or so years ago that I think might have been brought over from another site. The meat of the story was two guys that as I remember were youth pastors at a church and were grabbing a bite to eat at a local McD's and having a conversation about their church youth programs and money issues in the church to reach the youth. As they got up to leave a strange looking man seated near them that had over heard their conversation, stopped them as they were leaving and said "if they needed financial help in your church then they should invest in Dinar because it was going to increase in value in the future and could bring wealth to their church". One or both of the pastors were already invested in Dinar and they told the man this and he said "good" and wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to them and said " then this number will be important to you". They were shocked and took the paper and walked out. Outside they opened the paper and it was a number. One of them went back inside to ask the man what the number meant, a date, a rate, a scripture reference, or something else, but the strange man was no where to be found. I may have some of the details wrong but that is the meat of the story as I remember. What I can not remember is the number that they said was written on the paper. Was such a weird story that it has stuck with me but I was really wanting to recall that number. Does anyone on here remember that story? If so, do you remember the number? Thanks in Advance
  3. My first boss had a sign in the lobby that said: "Good Service, Cheap Prices, No wait time.........pick any 2 of the 3" Always felt that was dead on Thanks for the post
  4. My math says that movement made us $3.03 per million dinar owned. Someone help
  5. For some strange reason, I can picture you in a prom dress drinking red bull and vodka........not a pretty site
  6. IMO he is a Wolf in Wolf clothing
  7. Not sure why you got a neg for bringing information but I hit you a plus to get you to even
  8. Thanks for your opinion. Remember, if we get an RV in Dec. and have enough of a window to cash in, then may be much better for tax to hold out until Jan. to cash in IMO.
  9. I like my rumors salty........Thanks for the post
  10. Maybe we can get all the Goo Roo's to go to Iraq so we can have more boots on the ground amd maybe a lot LESS REPORTS!!!
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