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  1. The site has me asking questions that is for sure. The problem is, I don't know how much I would believe a person who's only objective is to tear others down. He say's he is doing it to help the uninformed out. Well I believe there has to be an alternative motive to his site. People don't just do things to help others out. Either he is in someway financially cashing in on this site, or he has a vendetta against those who run dinar sites. Apparently he got banned from this site, so now he has a vendetta. IDK.
  2. I see a lot of mod notifications in this thread, seems like it is going to be a long day. ROFL
  3. First off I would like to say that I can not wait until this election is over. Secondly, I have a feeling that it won't end tomorrow, but rather fat cat lawyers will be increasing their bank accounts as numerous lawsuits are filed because of whoever loses perceived injustices.
  4. Why do they call it Microsoft Works, when it really doesn't?
  5. Good Morning Adam, I just read that "Kuwait clears Gulf War Iraqi airline settlement" You think this is an important step toward the removal from chapter 7?
  6. Let's see, if he was 49 in 1991, that would make him 70. Okie is an old fart. ROFL.
  7. It is always darkest before dawn, and it is always silent right before somebody blows a fog horn. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  8. People overpay on their taxes every year, and they get a thing called a refund. You would get your $100,000 back, but until then the Government gets to use it interest free.
  9. The J/K at the end means he's Just Kidding. That Jerk, got us all worked up for nothing
  10. Post Saddam Iraq is what we all want, and I believe is one step closer to an RV. WOOOOOOOOOOO it feels like it is getting really close.
  11. i don't see a report to click on
  12. So they already voted on it? Can they really keep it a secret?
  13. Obama stated the biggest challenge was economic. But I did not hear anything directly about the RV
  14. I thought the question was asked to Obama, and he keeps identifying them as partners and friends, but he has not called them an ally
  15. Question and answer time, Come on, somebody ask about RV? He just said that he we have an enormous investment in both blood and treasure.
  16. PU pumpers. rofl. We are all pu pumpers at some point
  17. Not the visual I needed to get off to a good start this morning. rofl
  18. Are you wanting Adam to call Tampa Dinar for you?
  19. 17.4billion increase over last year does not seem like a whole lot. Is this good news or bad?
  20. My goodness, he takes off as much as the Iraqi parliment.
  21. I think they ought to make gurus out of all of us. Everybody make their date rate prediction, put it in a thread, and then stick to your guns. The truth is anybody's guess is as good as the next person, but somebody is bound to be right. Just a suggestion.
  22. This might be a stupid question, but it is because I have never dealt with Foreign money at all. My question is what amount is taxed? Are we going to be taxed on the rate, or are we going to be taxed on the amount of money that we actually get back after the spread? It might not normally be a huge deal, but Adam seemed to suggest that at the first of an RV, that the CBI would have a pretty heafty spread. Sorry to sound so newbish, but I am what I am.
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