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  1. soon enough we will be saying ....what time is the DV Party.... then I 'll ask Adam what does it feel like to have the same record ask Cleveland ...asking as a Viking Fan
  2. well ....puttin it back in the safe......right behind the VND just before the IQD
  3. the rally in Minnesota had 10.000 in the center but, there were over 2.000 that watched it on big screens out side
  4. HA!!! and with a huge maple leaf on one the back
  5. Glad to see you back player was doing his best, to fill your shoes..and then Freedomwish stumbling in Drunk as heck.....saying I LOVE YOU MAN....then we all tell we love him back ...yeah it's been fun....GO RV
  6. there is a video out there that confirms this....this family little girl was getting sick after one of those cell phone tower was installed on the building across from their daughters room window, one of their friends had a meter reader and put it up to the window and went off their friend was amazed at how high it they installed lead drapes and their daughter stopped getting sick
  7. the way their people are raising up,we shouldn't have long to wait....
  8. I"m still holding mine....I've been in dinar a lot longer than this..... I've got time
  9. and we all know what happens during Ramadan ........
  10. sooo we pulled sanctions are being put into place, burning out flag on TV and MR Trump stills want to meet them to make a better deal....WTH!!!! tic...toc...tic...toc
  11. so someone gave me a neg for asking where the chat was WOW petty
  12. Prayers and Blessings, Screwball hope all things work in your favor ,,,,, and to the Rest of the Family happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas and one Heck of a New Year
  13. how much did they spend .... for 100 people? If I was one of the TAX payers I'd be pissed
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