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  1. A revolution to restore/improve a nation is not a story of nice soft spoken participants in lollypop land. You are naive.
  2. It will be a more blessed nation when it corrects its past sins by correcting the present damage.
  3. I think that you will defend your family and yourself by any means, including killing if cops bust in your door at 4AM and shooting anyone that moves. You would be crying like a baby.😭
  4. Artitech: I was no squatter..TEX. I was hired to work there and relocated when I was good and ready. I have lived in several nations and many states. People are different everywhere and those whom have generational history should not be fearful of encounters with unfamiliar faces. You are so alarmed about any disruption in law and order, however this law and order has always been "white law and order" and people like you have benefited from its evil. You likely give thanks to God and the founders of this nation, but don't forget the tragedies and destruction that took place during that time. One more thing...Europeans and other white skinned people were considered to be squatters in Mexican territory by Mexico. The only people that were not squatters were the slaves. Consult with your minister and discuss my responses..
  5. Pitcher: I am not confused about the indignation, anger, and responses to inhumanity perpetuated by people as selectively sensitive as you. Also, I have never applied the confused face response.
  6. I was a Texan for 10 years and I never met any that were so fearful and angry as you are. Texans believe in freedom and prosperity for all people. You need to read current events and speeches on the effects of historical racism. Ask yourself "Do we have to have a divided nation and do we want to return to segregation by law? If you want this then you are asking for all out warfare and you will lose.🗽
  7. President Bush and the Republicans encouraged the most gluttonous real estate schemes, insurance fraud, banking and stock market bubbles, and runaway pharmaceutical pricing that our nation has ever seen. President Obama fixed the crises and established legislation to prevent similar crises in our future. If he hadn't you and many others may have been living on the street today. Obama fixed our economy and "Fuhrer Trump" has since done his worst to tear down all of his accomplishments. Most of the mass murders during Obama's administration were perpetrated by white people and the overwhelming number of police killings of black people by white policemen. The world still loves Obama I think that you are still angry about that. His presidency was the most successful of our nation's history.
  8. Coorslite: I did not claim to be a prophet or "guru". I have faith in God and thank Him for my gifts. Perhaps you have gifts from our creator. We should use them for good reason and positive results. In the desert Moses had to learn to pray correctly to cause water to spring forth from a rock. When you pray you should pray it into existence by giving thanks for what is not evident. Do you have this kind of faith? This is how I contributed to the election of Obama and even I was astonished by God's perfection of choice. Do you not wonder how this man has become the most enamored and respected President by the entire world? We are presently 401 years on the timeline after the introduction of one of the world's most cruel systems of inhumanity and continual suppression..Human slavery and genocidal practices. Don't even think that God ordained such a cruel system for such destructive results. This is why all good Americans kneel, pray, act, and hope for an America to be true to it's creed. I believe 450 years is a reasonable rehabilitation for the inequities suffered by African Americans and other non-white people. And Jesus said "Why do you call me good?" He came to fulfill the word of God and establish a new world. One must resolve to correct people when they are in error. if they choose to rebuke wise advice then they will drink bitter water.
  9. I can honestly say that I have not received an exact message on a date, however I have had recent esp experiences of great wealth with transactions of monetary conversions with some interference by government regulations.
  10. If so many generals and politicians can admit that Trump is dividing our nation and shredding the constitution, hundreds of thousands are demanding the end of the silence&cover up of the methods of exclusion, collateral Human damages through interminable oppression and distress, and the majority of white citizens agree on the revelation and dismantling of the rotten roots of discrimination then why do you want to stand in the way? George Wallace tried that and he got shot. That event changed his perspective forever because he repented his racist indoctrination and became a better man with a strong Christian spirit. George Floyd was executed for hate's sake over a minor infraction that any person, even you, commits in life. Through my gift I see these events taking place: * All mortgages of African Americans will be paid in full with no property taxes assessed for 450 years. * All other non-white people will have their compensations assessed and distributed to them also. * Most policing will be engaged by a separate core of non-weaponized problem investigators that will seek to determine the connective causes of distress that result in negative outcomes. * Mostly white populated places of worship will integrate and celebrate God's love of all people. They will not be afraid to speak about the horrors of the past and present day. They will promote respect and friendly interaction. * All education levels will include true history of the sacrifices, biographical accomplishments, and contributions by people of color to our nation throughout its history as a normal compendium. * Capable employers will actively engage all applicants and employees to promotion tracks and other profession choices. FYI I prayed for the election of a brilliant and dynamic president years ago as if he existed. That was a full two years before Barack Obama showed up to campaign and I never knew of him. I saw and felt the danger on 9/11 at 2:00 AM. I saw destructive weather, economic catastrophe, and social upheaval for our nation if it doesn't repent its racist structure and behavior once and for all time. I sent my warning to the U.S. Congress in 2005 to heed my spiritual warning. We are now experiencing a second phase of that warning.
  11. Let this emoji signify what is going to happen to Trump and hatred very soon. Even our military is against him for his attempts to destroy our constitution, liberties, our national unity. God is against all of you racists and you will never have enough guns to take over our nation. All of the actions taking place are part of God's work to: scrape away the lies, coverups, misdirection, distortions, and reveal the grave sites of thousands of people that were murdered, and suffered, and lived sad-poor-shortened lives. Even His Holiness Pope Francis and THE WORLD is demanding that this nation's apartheid system be destroyed. Our country will change for everyone without the curse that has held it back for too long. If you and many more don't like it then you had better leave or find a cave deep enough where you can live by yourselves. If the photo is really you (healthy good looks) then you should get away from those ugly hate filled people.
  12. All three of you have the same typical depth in ignorance of historical truth about our nation's deliberate violence towards any entity that objects to its ugly acts of hatred, covetous desires, physical destruction, and deliberate murder of Human beings (Look up: Jefferson's rejection of free Haiti, warfare and removal of Native Americans, the purchase of Florida to recapture former slaves, subterfuge to take Spain's territories, force used to dictate relations with Japan, the deliberate failure of Reconstruction, and more documentation) Karl Marx's philosophy? I guess that many of your ilk would say that the Bible is a Marxist training manual. You had better get this..the people that you believe are communists look and act just like you and it is likely that they have plans to eliminate YOU on cue. To them you are "useful idiots" and you will not be allowed to interfere with their plans to divide our nation through the same ill founded logic that the confederate states applied. Your "fantasy" of a coming "red wave" is just that. You are so frightened of genetic parity and progress. You can't stop what you started long ago..screwing every type of woman in the world and creating new genomics in the Human race. This worries you deeply and that's just too damn bad. Don't make a big deal about an inevitable step in evolution. Gaps in health, employment , careers that pay very well, housing, etc. should have been fixed long ago with a Marshall Plan right here in the U.S.A., but that didn't happen, right? Our leaders saved the white Europeans because money and trade were more important than the necessary improvements to the lives of non-white Americans! Now and finally this country has been forced by Almighty God to enact these changes in order to complete the promise of American Dream for everyone. Or are you so selfish that you want it all for yourselves? Positive change is coming and I will help to move us in the right direction in what you think is the "American Way". I will make contacts that will shock and urge you to clear the s*** out of your brains and hate in your hearts. It's called communication.
  13. Dear Kwame, Tank you for posting this shocking incident in Baltimore! Once again a law enforcement officer has demonstrated a lack of self control and poor decision making.!! The citizens deserve great levity in regards to the evil that has gripped this nation of which the POLICE are both victims and participants.
  14. I am a patriot in the truest belief and I know that struggle is messy. Stealing is a sin. So is not treating other people through equal behavior and decisions that you would expect for yourselves.Those whom share your attitudes are living lives in a warped system of perpetual prejudice and total lack of the promise of this nation.
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