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  1. I was up very late to finish a poem. Early on that fateful morning images of a passenger plane in flight entered my mind. I could see streaming sunlight and shadows as the aircraft flew over buildings of a metropolis. A thought came as a question..would a passenger plane be used by someone to bomb a city? I had no idea that the plane would be the bomb. A sense of danger came over me to alert the FBI and FAA to prevent a great tragedy. Would they believe in ESP, a heavenly warning, or consider me as just another phony psychic? I reached for the telephone, but I can't happen. I prayed that it could never happen and went to bed. I went to my assigned HS classroom at about 10am and noticed that the students were busy discussing something of great urgency. I had no idea what was going on and they informed me that jet passenger planes struck buildings in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. I was so shocked that a strong sense of danger came over me! I asked who would attack the USA? Has a nation gone mad? Are nuclear missiles on the way? I expressed my heartfelt feelings to the young students as I thought that they didn't have long to live and experience life. I learned more that day about the thousands killed in that brutal attack and the horror. I sent an email to President Bush requesting that we nuke Saudi Arabia with a 20 megaton bomb to stop any further attacks by any belligerent Moslem nation. People are still sick and dying to this day. I have warned the FBI about potential methods and materials that other terrorists may apply. I have also warned them about other extraordinary attacks after that day. Know this terrorists...I am on watch!
  2. Artitech, I agree with your feelings and opinion. My wife and I have owned Iraqi dinar since 2005 and we are much older now. We may not have the time to play out their game and so many suffer until it does end. I have ideas about: how to halt the global warming, defeat massive fires, green housing for low income earners with futuristic additions, healing machines, and more. I have attempted to get some of my ideas launched. Having my own funds would help.
  3. Why aren't our aggregate loss of gains imputed against the capital gains? We Dinarians have RISKED OUR MONEY to total loss!!! Why isn't our government BRAVE enough to risk the same quantitative loss by giving us our individual credit against gain???
  4. nstoolman1 and others, It will be a non-destructive and non-lethal process. Those of you that choose to keep your guns is your concern, but make no mistake.. technological progress will continue.
  5. I have been gifted with a dream about some kind of energy related process that will end the existence of firearms.
  6. What you have said is exactly correct! Because those whom need to reform refuse to and are dooming millions to lives of misery I now set a prayer in motion to end the corruption and those whom promulgate it. "Gracious and Supreme GOD..our Father..we pray to You through the power of JESUS. . destroy the bonds of corruption in Iraq and birth a new and incorruptible Iraq in all of its parts. AMEN!"
  7. All illegal immigrants should be deported to their origin countries, including their children born on U.S. territory. Common sense and our constitution must prevail. Are we suckers too stupid to support our nation? You have to realize that in their countries Americans are FAIR GAME to kidnap, abuse, rip off, murder and more! The people that say "These Dreamer immigrants have been here for 20+ years and have studied so hard for a better life.." SO WHAT!!! Millions of other people have been here far longer and these illegal immigrants have the utter gall to demand that they should have special privileges to further defer and destroy the rights of more indigenous CITIZENS? They are invading our nation folks..plain and simple. They take advantage of us and replace us! What the hell do you think we should do?? Thousands of these immigrants have been hired by Americans that think they are so wise to hire foreigners at cheap pay rates. They think that is a great business strategy, however it also fuels enmity in the immigrants to work them so hard and pay them so little. NO! They don't enjoy the fruit of their labor! Do you wonder now that millions of American citizens are complaining that their houses have been and continue to be built so flawed that water, molds, trash buried inside and all over the houses, poor construction, and dangers? People are sick and dying from Listeria because some crop harvesting immigrant is filthy and/or is defecating on the crops. Bonn-A petite ☠️! I hired a Hispanic man to put costly wood floors in my house. He was so glib and spoke English well enough to pass for urban fluidity. He accepted $8,250 from us and never showed up! He purchased no wood panels! In court he tricked the the jury and judge that he was not very literate and was a confused and struggling Hispanic person! The jury was so STUPID and let him off! He ripped off American citizens for over 10 years! He has a number of vehicles, a house, and who knows what else! He continues to live in this country and who knows what harm he will do in the future. IMMIGRATION SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN until those nations deal with their own problems.
  8. There are so many new products and lives depending on the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. I have a serious line up that will make a lot of people happy.
  9. Gentlemen, I respect your opinions, however it is up to every dinar holder to manage their own exchange, trade, and methods applied to any form of tax and taxation calculus. The very wealthy move their money around and so can we. .............................................................................................................................................................Catch me if you can!
  10. I agree with the stated opinions that we have all purchased an inflated low value currency. The U.S. government did not allow Iraqi dinars to be traded in our nation. We all helped Iraq under Directive 13303 by giving Iraq OUR money! We have sacrificed, waited, and died for it so that we can survive this greedy and corrupt control over our lives and assist those whom we want to help! NO! I will not comply with any regulations other than exchange fees! It does not fit into ordinary income nor capital gains. It is just our own money; not a qualified investment of certified intent!
  11. To Carla: President Obama has the right and official duty to speak to our nation on issues that affect our quality of life. How can you NOT expect African American and other brown skinned people to react to thei blatant murder of one of their own through the continuous violent enforcement of racism and associated brainwashing as is so charachteristic of our nation??? Go see "Slavery By Another Name" on PBS and you will begin to understand the true origins and results which perpetuate hatred, mistrust, and disparities.
  12. This tragedy will unfortunately repeat until our nation's people confront their attitudes and beliefs concerning race issues and how they think. Presently we are all living with the legacy of an evil conspiracy set in motion by the original slave owners, those elite educated racists of past and present, industries that benefitted from slavery, and other institutions. You know whom set in motion the crippling self denegrating and self destructive mentality of african americans through word and cruel action for means of control and perpetual exploitation. After the african american slaves were freed a plan was devised arrest african americans, force them into another form of slavery (called peonage) and forever tagged those individuals with false "criminal records" so that they would be shunned and refused equal opportunities and civil rights. Go watch "Slavery By Another Name" on the PBS channel ! Then perhaps for the first time in your lives you will understand that we are all playing our parts of an immense brainwash conspiracy! See it, discuss it, and then destroy this "MATRIX" by altering your thoughts and attitudes. I hope that many of you have a profound revelation, shed tears, and ask God for forgiveness.
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