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  1. I am absolutely sick and tired of blow hard gurus always predicting week-to-week that the RV will occur. This is beginning to sound like a SICK joke that just keeps going on and on. So I propose a new rule for the forum. If a "guru" or some other misled individual makes a prediction for RV on a certain date and it turns out to be the usual "crap" that it always turns out to be, then they are no longer allowed to post on the site. Most of these psychologically messed up individuals seem to get their "rocks off" having their voice heard no matter how stupid it sounds.Ban them from the site and
  2. Thank you guys for your support. All the college talk is fun. Just wanted to point out that kmseeker tilak posted about calling some members of Congress. Check it out it is interesting and it confirms that Congress definitely knows about the RV. Again, thank you. It has been fun. LSU 1984
  3. kmseeker What an awesome thing to do. We are starting to find reliable sources confirming the RV. Thank you. LSU1984
  4. Thank you tilak for contacting your senators. I posted a couple of days ago that some Representives in Congress are confirming that there is an RV. Since all members of Congress get intel briefing everyday, they are lying. Thank you again. LSU1984
  5. Dinar420, Thank you for calling a different congressman, two in fact, and confirming exactly what I heard. We now have 4 confirmed "the dinar RV is part of the debt negotiations". I urge others to call their congressman or senator and get even more confirmations that we can add to the list. LSU 1984 Texas1, Did you get a chance to call in New Orleans? LSU 1984 To the individual that had questions of whether I actually attended LSU, I practically grew up in Death Valley's shadow. I went there on a track scholarship when Bill McClure was the head coach then later walked on and played some
  6. Mongo, I am much more shrewd then you give me credit. I do not believe anything until I can get proof. I am not desperate for the RV. I am financially secure and I love my job. As far as being a pumper, I simply do not see the thrill of playing with people's emotions. It is a very sick person that toys with people's state of mind simply to get a laugh. I know it is frustrating, that is why I quit reading a great many of these forums, they only upset folks. LSU 1984
  7. Networth, I never said that the debt negotiations were holding up the RV. I simply stated that since the RV is part of the debt negotiations, it proves that the RV is real, NOT a scam. In fact, I am almost 100% positive that the debt negotiations will have no effect upon the RV. The "holdup" has nothing to do with banks, the forex, or our government. The one and only controlling factor in the RV is the government of Iraq. They will only RV when everything is ready to go in their government. This is just speculation on my own part, by reading about their progress in the newspapers, they will
  8. 2fast4u Here is the phone number (202) 225-3901 LSU 1984
  9. No,no,no... I am definitely not a "pumper". I have absolutely no respect for those low-lifes that infect our website. How can I be a pumper, if I gave you names and places. If you do not believe me, call your Congressman yourself. Geaux Tigers!
  10. I have been watching from the shadows for months on this forum looking for facts instead of innuendos or rumors. I like this site because most of the members are well-grounded and not likely to be led astray by rumors. Up until today, I was not sure that the Iraqi dinar was going to RV or not. I have never posted because frankly, I have not run across anything that confirms the RV will happen or any of the rumors on this site are real. All of these "bank" stories. I've walked into several banks and inquired. Every last one of them did NOT have a clue. I live in Louisiana, so I decided to ca
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