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  1. These bills are uncirculated brand spanking new with the original certificate of authenticity. The 1.5 mill is all in 25thousandthe denominations. This is still a much better deal than you will find from any dealer. I need the money and can't hold on anymore. Christmas was my cut off.
  2. Well I said I would wait till after Christmas and if nothing happened I would sell so here we go. I am not a dealer so don't ask. I purchased my dinar from Ali at Dinartrade. Im selling my 1.5 million for $1,500.00. This will include all shipping, insurance, delivery confimation and signature confirmation at no charge. Just email me at
  3. The way this administration likes to spend money I would think they would love to have this much more money laying around.
  4. If memory serves me correctly he predicted R/V last march, may and June 30 last year. After that I stpped listening to him. I categorized him along with Okie. Let's hope its a lot sooner than that. Go R/V
  5. We got the name of the site. What we are asking for in the NAME of the article.
  6. Obama and biden arrested? Oh my goodness the thought is sending a tingling down my legs.
  7. I don't know the thought of Biden being arrest has strange appeal to me.
  8. Good research. There is no doubt as to when their fiscal year is. Not really sure where your going with this info?
  9. He is not going to show up for any meetings until the country settles down. Iraq is on the brink of a civil war and if im part of the minority class in Iraq I wouldn't show either
  10. If it goes the civil war route we are going probaly be waitingyears and years for positive chamge in the dinar. I knew this would happen. You build a democracy in a place that has a bunch of ignorant, trapped the the 6Th century, fools like them. They are simply a bunch of barbarians
  11. Dont get me wrong, I HATE obama HATE HATE HATE. But I have to side with on this one. Iraq was demanding us to leave. They would not give our troops immunity to stay. I would alow them to stay either. But the UK has some nerve pointing the finger at us. They pulled their troops out a long time ago. In fact they never had the njmber of troops deployed as us. Screw them.
  12. When something is ready to happen it will. No one knows for sure. We knew theree would be problems after troop withdrawl. We just have to be patient.
  13. So are we now going to start bashing people because they think it will still take a couple more years to R/V? What is the appropiate time line? A day, a week, a month. Does everyone have to cheerful and positive. In order to post here. Personally I did not like the original post. Could he be right? Yes. Could he be wrong? Sure. That is no one knows for sure. Now the poster you are complaining about did not like the post either. In his very first sentence he call the original poster work that he had to ***** the word he used to describe the guy. He also said he hopes the guy is wrong. What more do you want from him. He needs to discount tje posibility of use being screwed? Also one more thing that everone should keep in mind. We were all newbies once. Did we do research before we even discovered this form? I am sure we did. I know me personally spent almost a year in this investment before I joined this site. Also most of us purchased dinar before we joined this site as well. I know I did. Bottom line is this, a newbie is new to this site only. Don't discount what they have to say because their new. It might suprise everyone to know that some newbies might know more than you. This uncivil discourse towards people who don't agree is goning R/V in a week or so should stop. The bashing is unacceptable. There should not be a double standard here.
  14. I think I better rethink me decision to sell my Dinar at the begining of next year and start selling them NOW.
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