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  1. So true (readyrv) hard to get excited, but we are at least seeing some FACTS with regard to the budget ! Wait ,hope and see. GO RV
  2. SOLD !!!! Thanks to all of you at DV for your intrest !
  3. I check it on the hour thanks, nothing in there from you that I can see. how about copy and paste, can you manage that ? If not just reply here.
  4. I have 4 million dinar for sale, purchased from dinar trade all are uncirculated. I have certs for all. Still in this thing, just need some cashflow ! 850 per million. EMAIL IF YOUR BUYING
  5. Guru Poppy 2 has got the contact payouts with RVed funds covered ( posted in roumors 3:08pm today) It never stops I am with ya!!!!
  6. bigshow

    FROM AKnews

    Good stuff thanks for the info
  7. Found on okies site RICH QUEEN & OKIE - THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!!!! Author Message TheBeav Okie Finatic Posts: 158 Join date: 2011-06-17 Subject: RICH QUEEN & OKIE - THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!!!! Today at 12:49 am -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- copied from xxxxxxxxxxx RQ at OOM (1am (ET)) saying Tue is our day 08/09/2011 [Rich Queen] OK LISTEN UP!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!! JUST GOT CONFIRMATION FROM MORE THAN ONE SOURCE - INCLUDING OMNIGIRL THAT WE HAVE LIFTOFF!!! WE WILL DEFINITELY BE IN THE BANK TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! WHOO
  8. ! USD = 1168.90 IQD Forex Pros Nuff Said
  9. Come on !!! Does this guy ever stop I guess its like howard Stern love him or hate him ya want to hear what he will say next. LOL
  10. Good post ! IMO we need more of this just a simply an investor that found something to share +1 from me.
  11. I have enjoyed your posts for a long while, joined to say thanks and put in my two cents once in awhile
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