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  1. I am sure people realize by not that Luigi is posting this stuff to ruffle feathers. From his past, we know he doesn't believe it any more than the next person. It's a complete ploy to annoy the rest of us on DV. We should collectively STOP opening any posts by him as they are a "joke" to him & his goal is to be sarcastic and spin people up. Clearly, he has nothing better to do with his life. I am not even going to click on any of these posts by him as they are garbage. If I wanted to read any more of this trash-I'd go to a page that Recaps the Guru-Garbage. Maybe if we discontinue egging him on...he will move on to something more productive in his life. Getting a rise out of people on DV is a shame. It has caused me to stop even checking this site. We used to have decent rumors and conversations. Now all rumors are his garbage brought over and missing part of the original rumor anyway. Stop perpetuating the troll on this respectable site. I think we are close and I don't believe it will be over a dollar. We shall see. Keep in mind what I said above. I know everyone here is beyond annoyed. Responding to the garbage keeps it coming. Stay grounded friends. It will happen eventually, and sooner than later I believe! Blessings, RED EXACTLY, LMAO!!!!
  2. Flatbush Zombie, Is his person out of Oklahoma City? Saw at the beginning it said OKC, OK. Maybe Okies cousin. Thanks for the share, Easy.
  3. Now THAT is more within the vernacular style of Okie. You know, "Ships Sailing" and schnit. And the infamous "Nuff Said." I noticed he became particularly silent right after the BH Group went down and the long list of people included in the class action lawsuit was laid out. Think he and his cohorts thought he ought to keep his mouth shut for awhile. Looks like someone took the duck tape off. Darn. thanks for the giggles Rayzur, To those who get their undies in a knot over Okies posts being brought over's the RUMOR section and clearly stated within the title is th name/word, "OKIE;" so you knew what you were gonna get. Next time don't click and move along. When I'm in no mood for BS I hang in the facts forum and wouldn't dare open a post from someone I loathed, chillax. Nuff said. Ha.
  4. Maybe demand is low? I remember reading that before this would happen, people would be to the point of burning their dinar. Maybe moral is down and people aren't buying.....OR maybe people are getting in those Christmas Credit Card bills....ouch. Or maybe people who have enough, have enough and aren't buying any more and if they've told any of their friends about it....their friends aren't investing, because, well.....ya know. Also, in regards to these companies saying they ar doing this or that.... Last I heard, a particular Dinar Company was opening in ALL 50 States! Wow. No. Pure pumping is what I will call that until I see it. I remember the first thing that popped in my head when I read the email stating they were "excited to announce their plans to open in all 50 States." I thought, "They must know! it's about to pop, baby!" Then I came back to earth and went pure logic, no emotion....why would they waste the millions of dollars to do that when they can keep shipping from where they are now? They are Pumping you for sales, IMHO.
  5. Starring Jason Statham as the heist leader/coordinator and Liam Neeson who had to go on the "take" to save his family. Just an idea.
  6. Well, thanks dog! It turns my stomach especially because my daughter is 6. Its senseless. But that type of firepower should be met with equal or far greater fire power. My mother is a teacher in Ft. hood and they've already implemented new rules. Locked doors. Yeah. Because I could kick one in or blow the lock off in a heartbeat. Ugh. I have been brainstorming and can't think of anything else. Anyone?
  7. I would think that most cities could impose a tiny safety tax...just cents....that would provide armed guards in these schools. I would volunteer in a heartbeat. No pay necessary. I went shooting yesterday, yes I am a female. More and more women are arming themselves these days. Yesterday, I took my sister and shot a Walther P22, .22 LR SIG Sauer P226, 9mmTaurus Model 85, .38 Special Smith and Wesson Model 686, .357 Magnum & Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22. .22 LR and a Govt. Issued model 1911 .45 ACP. In these gun-free zones there are mass shootings. I'll tell you what, I went to my daughters assembly last Thursday and thought to myself, "here are a thousand children....wide protection." I walked in no problem. So did any other parent or whomever. I also walked in, illegally, yes, with concealed firepower and positioned myself in an area to where I could just "maybe" be a "guardian" if need be. I scanned an analyzed body language, dress, etc. I shoot many, many times a week and I would have no moral problem, as most of you, dropping a mass shooter. Felt better my husband was there this time....military and a detective, former SWAT....but he doesn't know I shoot. He can't, its complicated. But if things went haywire, I would join him in taking out the shooter if need be. I also know, that, not just because of what I do for a living, that NO District Attorney would bring charges forth on a person taking out a shooter. I have spoken to some teachers....some retired, that concealed and carried at their schools. They are/were guardians. The tricky part is no collateral damage. It is sad that it has come to this....that we have to protect our children in schools. There is no way to reverse the gun culture we live in. There is no disarming the citizens if they wanted to. Its far too late. Fire power should be met with greater fire power. And so I do think there should be a select number of trained teachers with guns and school guardians. I don't know a parent who would disagree. A shooter may get off a few shots but when the first one goes off...the teachers jump into action. Maybe the local police departments wouldn't mind highly training several teachers, as well, after stringent background and psychological tests, of course. Just kind of brain storming. How to stop this. Millions of gun owners behaved well that day. It was the one that wasn't at all a gun owner that caused such a tragic event. God rest their souls. Sorry if I rambled off topic. Just thinking out loud, so to say. And Dog, I got a visual. The crapper. Hahaha! That's funny. This will unfortunately happen again in the next year and we will be asking ourselves why and what to do. Well. I think its bloody time to take some action.
  8. Perhaps it's their own special way of pumping! What wouldn't get someone more excited than news that a major dinar dealer is opening I'm 50 states!? It makes the average person think they are doing it because it's about to pop and they want us to all be able to cash out with them, within a decent drive! My guess is....they are NOT opening in 50states. Whats in it for them? They do just fine shipping from their location now. (unless it is about to pop then maybe it's worth it) I mean, can you imagine the licensing fees and overhead/cost, to open THAT many? I'm calling BS. Pure pumping at its finest. JMHO
  9. Now THAT is interesting. However, I am not buying the "actor" theory. I am buying that 20 innocent children & 6 innocent adults are, in fact, deceased. Whether it was set up as a way for our guns to be taken? That will take a lot of time and research. That video I just watched..... its hard to believe it is a coincidence. I know only that these people are truly dead. And it breaks my heart. I can't say I know for sure who is responsible for the actions that took those lives, other than what was reported. But I don't buy into the idea that all these people are "actors." False Flag Ops have been around forever. I do know that. But I simply don't buy that all these funerals are fake and greif stricken families are all actors too. At all. In a town that small....everyone knows everyone.....where did the real students go? There's other questions raised when you throw around an "actor" theory. Let us know what u come up with. Or don't. I can't believe I am wasting my time responding to such nonsense. No Normalcy Bias here. How about Occam's Razor. And I hardly ever go that route. But let's start there. None if those actor theories and pics are convincing me....and probably many others.
  10. I visited this site. And Pope Benedict XVI is non other than actor Robert Blake!? What a friggin joke. Oh....and Morgan Freeman is Jimmy Hendrix...because Jimi Hendrix never died either. And Ive been accused of wearing a tin foil hat! Ha! Not a very good site to back up your non-sense. And did you ever think there could have been several people initially detained because no one really knew if there was more than one shooter? are really, really reaching man.
  11. I get the false flag stuff. Happens all the time. But seriously, sure, " wearing sissy's dress!? Lol..." ummm, yeah. Seriously. My daughter and her cousins have matching dresses and are about the same size and my niece wears my daughters dresses all the time. Yes. The media lies. Yes. Wheres the outrage of Fast and Furious. And I am no sheep going to be led off a cliff. Just give it a rest for now. I think this is too soon and gut wrenching for the families who really "did" lose their children. Could it have been a false flag like the no-go Op Northwoods, or 9-11 or theatre? Sure, but bottom line is....these babies died. Truly, they are dead. Now who did it is up for question as seen in the posted videos. I have no doubt these families lost their children. You think they'd all keep quiet and not say, "'s a lie, my child is alive!" Reality check. I have a distant relative who was a first responder. Those babies were murdered. Promise.
  12. Maybe she is wearing her sisters dress....if the family photo shows Emilie in that dress. But I don't that's Emilie, the daughter u r referring to in the family photo. And again, if it is Emilie in the family photo, maybe her sister wanted to wear her sissy's dress. What's wrong with you? It's been less than a week. Have some respect. You really think if this were a false flag op that they'd be dumb enough to PHOTOGRAPH HER IN A WIDELY PUBLICIZED PHOT WITH THE PRESIDENT!? Duh! I don't trust our government but get ahold of yourself. My husband goes on dead body calls all the time. You'd be surprised at their reactions while speaking with police. Many don't appear to be too upset. Either way--get ahold of yourself and show respect. There were 20 babies murdered that day. You think that could be kept quiet by the parents if they were really alive? Come on! I am thoroughly disgusted; your name suits you well. May God bless Sandy Hook....
  13. My thoughts exactly, (see above), if the teachers had guns, when the shots rang out, protocol of locking the children In the room would have been followed by every trained teacher carefully entering the fire-zone-- and then you're looking at 1 gunman whom may kill a few but an overwhelming number of armed adults ready to shoot to kill to defend their kids, they spend everyday with. I don't know this is the husband has fired thousands of rounds and to get a license it only takes 50 shots. So maybe they are more highly trained? He asked me if I could see my mom, (a 1st grade teacher) packing and taking out a gunman...I said your damned right she would. She would lay down her life for her kids. But taken the amount of overwhelming fire power, on the other side, or the mere knowledge of, it could be a deterrent. I don't know the answer. Just thinking that if a gunman knew he'd be met with critical fire-power...he might think twice or else, end up dead in the hallway. Fewer casualties for sure.
  14. We choose to live in a gun culture. Is there a positive correlation between the number of guns in a country and gun violence, sure. Of course! But here's the deal. How many millions of people acted responsively with their guns that day? I did. You did. It was 1 person. If we are going to have guns we are going to have to stomach the chance that this can happen. But it's rare in comparison to the number of guns we have. Ive saved my life with a gun. I didn't pull the trigger, but he retreated. We need to realize that with this right comes great responsibility and sometimes great tragedy. If we are going to be a country full of guns, then we have to accept the fact that these tragedies will occur. It is what it is. The odds are small of you or your child being involved in a mass shooting. Yesterday, in Pakistan, 17 women and children were blown up. There is violence everywhere. People will find a way to kill, guns or not. It's evil and/or mental illness that hits a breaking point. It's awful. I can't even turn on the news or read the papers because I have a 6 year old and it breaks my heart. Listen very carefully to what O said in his speech last night. Make your decisions for your safety carefully. My husband has put a lot of people in prison, so there is a gun, well hidden, and not in reach of my child that I could grab if one of these people gets out and wants revenge. I've got that revenge-stop in my hand. Don't forget what great responsibility comes with the ownership of gun(s). God bless the little ones who are spending Christmas with Jesus, the Brave adults, first reponders, and their families. My prayers go out to all.
  15. Oops. Double posted that. Dunno how. Sorry. And I meant to say that ' they will be spending Christmas with Jesus this year."
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