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  1. Urgent meetings to curb the deterioration of the value of Iraqi dinar Revealed the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament for a meeting between the Commission and the CBI and Director General of the State banks to curb the deterioration of the value of Iraqi dinar against foreign currency .....

    And bankers expect to see the coming days, a rise of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar because of the actions taken by the Central Bank.Said committee member Najiba Najib told (UR) that "a meeting held yesterday between the Finance Committee and the Central Bank and general manager of the government banks to discuss the repercussions of the financial crisis and the depreciation of the dinar exchange Iraqi and a study at the Central Bank on how to control the issue of exchange."

    Sounds great to me! Wait.... how long do you think is "the coming days"? I think its gotta be soon, but for sure hoping for this year!! :D

  2. I know that WE know this but it is nice to hear them say it :)

    Finance committee warns of "deterioration" of Iraqi economy

    10/04/2012 13:01

    BAGHDAD, April 10 (AKnews) - The finance committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives today warned about the deterioration of the Iraqi economy due to the low exchange rate of the dinar to the US dollar, assuring that proposals are underway to get the country back on its feet.

    Iraqi dinar, Iraq moneyCommittee member Shawrash Mustafa said the committee began to study the deterioration of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and put in place several methods to halt the crisis. The proposals will be delivered to the Ministry of Finance and Iraqi Central Bank (ICB).

    Mustafa did not disclose details of the proposals, saying only that they are "enough to end the fiscal deterioration".

    "Many issues may affect the dinar exchange rate and declining economy, the most prominent is the political side and the effects of what's happening in the region," said Mustafa.

    The Iraqi dinar yesterday registered the lowest exchange rate in three years against the US dollar at a selling rate of 1290 dinars per dollar.

    The decline in the dinar began early last month after it was stable at a rate of 1190 per dollar.

    The ICB issued strict procedures on selling hard currency to Iran and Syria due to the international sanctions imposed on the two countries. The ICB last month denied media reports that it stopped selling foreign currency as a measure to protect the Iraqi economy due to the political crisis in the country.

    The ICB is responsible for maintaining price stability, implementing monetary policy and regulating the banking sector.

    By Raman Brosk


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  3. Sportfisher, I am so sorry to hear about your nephew Ryan's injury. I will be lifting him, the rest of his unit and your family in prayer through out the next few days.

    Thank you Father for your love and protection over Ryan and for blessing him with a quick, complete healing both mentally and physically. Please continue to cover his friends and family Lord through this time. In your precious name, Amen

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  4. Thank you for giving us a chance to express ourselves in our faviort songs. After my 15 year old son died, seven years ago now,

    We had them play MercyMe's "I can only Imagine" at his fruneral. It's still one of my faviort songs.

    Catmax, I am so very sorry for the loss of your son. I can not even begin to imagine what you have been through. This song is what we used for my father in laws funeral as well, and is still one of my favorites too!. Lifting you up in prayer. Thanks for sharing :)

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  5. Our family loves the story of when our oldest son was running through the house to go outside and play when he ran smack into the glass slider I had just cleaned :) It didn't break thankfully but it was so funny to see! In all fairness he was maybe 5 or 6 at the time LOL. So that just tells you old or young... be on the look out for a clean glass door... Poor lady though, that must have been a little embarrassing....

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  6. This story just breaks my heart. I have read a couple of articles on in in the last couple of days, and it just amazed me that the parents had to push so hard to have it investigated. :( There will be justice on this one, but it wont bring back their baby boy. It is so heartbreaking that they had to lose their son at all, but the pain they must feel to have lost him that way....

    We must all come together to do what we can to prevent other senseless deaths from happening! Trayvon's death was senseless, but it was not in vain! This happened nearly one month ago and his killer is still a free man.

    The message must be sent, unequivocally..."We will not tolerate the murder of any man, woman or child due to hate, prejudice and bigotry!"[/size]

    We must all examine our own hearts and ask for the wisdom, the courage and the strength to make changes and to let the darkness give way to the Light.

    I agree :(

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  7. One day Okie wil get it right and be on the way to the bank while the bashers are here being negative as always!!! Just saying!!!!!! You can only be wrong so many times until you will hit the nail on the head!!!

    Ok, well gives me something to think about tonight :) Ya never know! You are right Tampa, you can only be wrong so many times LOL....

    Sleeping with my phone next to me, Just in case Adam sends out the text!

  8. The two things I've learned as I get older. Anything is possible and never say never. See you on the post RV side.

    Go RV

    I totally agree :) See ya there!!!

    How you doing Pro1? The person who've shared this information with me is a business partner of mines who've retired from the Army last year. He was a LT and worked out of the finance department. Over there he had his hands on stacks of Dinars (Old & New), Sadam's Watches, jewelry, and more via protocol of processing. He has taken photos with stacks of Dinars 4 feet high plastic wrapped and posted them on his FB page several months ago but decided to take them down. He also has connections with the State Department as well because part of his assignment was to report to them also. He retired last year but he still have close connections with some of the citizens there that he had built a relationship with during his tenure there. They talk via ACN Video Phone (He and I are both Independent Business Owners with ACN). They don't talk much via email because he don't want intel to leave paper trail whether the intel is true or false.

    But even saying that Pro1, there's still no proof to any of the intel because even the people that lives there can't provide proof. My friend's contact says he has contact inside then what the heck. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't, but my integrity will only allow me to consider it rumor until I see proof or actual facts. You know what I mean?

    Rumors or not, there are alot of them out there and sooner or later one will be spot on!! ... Glad you took the time to share!

    Rumors are rumors.... But you got to admit, It's like entertaining the idea of what you'll do if you won the lotto.

    My plan when it RV is go to bank then Bass Pro!

    Thats so true :)

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