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  1. Good morning Adam! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. my question for you is: who do you think will make the official announcement of the Dinar? Talabani? Malaki? Shababi? Again thank you for all you do!!
  2. There have been several posts concerning the silencing of media outlets. What are your thoughts on this? thank you Adam!!
  3. They need to realize that not alot of companies want to invest their money with a bunch of bickering children
  4. Okie being "quiet" is like Newt Gingrinch being "cheerful"
  5. The definition of guru is " a person regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom or great authority in a certain area." These people you are referring to have none of the qualities stated in the definition, including common sense. You are a part of one of the best dinar websites available!! There is tons of valuable information on here to read. Stick to the news section and only read the rumors or "gurus" when you need a good chuckle.
  6. Remember the days when Okie had a Ghost? . Now he has Johnny!!! Kinda reminds me when they said Michael Jackson and Latoya were one in the same.....
  7. Maybe Mr A should keep quiet or the US will bury him next to his friends Sadaam or bin Laden.
  8. Sorry to be blunt here but... how is this news? Jwg claims a RV everyday. Link please?
  9. I have worked in banking some +15 years and can say that tellers, some mgmt, new Accts and loan officers will NOT have access to rate information. They will refer you to a private banker or investments. I hope these individuals know that there is serious ramifications to releasing information, especially if your not credentialed.
  10. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and translations. If you don't like how someone translates articles, then why do you waste your time reading it? Let alone get on a post and crab about it. Youre entitled to your opinion on how your investment will turn out and who you choose to listen too just like the rest of us.
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