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  1. Thanks for keeping us informed Adam! August works for me as well!!!
  2. Thanks Adam for another informative chat!
  3. and this is not acceptable." this is not permissible and is unreasonable." I agree! Now they just need to get on with it and do something about it!
  4. Whoa! I don't just really keep up with the auctions, but it seems what little bit I have seen they seem to fluctuate between $150-$250million most of the time. Has it ever been this high?
  5. Good morning Yota! Restless indeed! I usually only pop in here on Chat days to keep myself abreast, because early on I realized I was letting this consume way too much of my time, but since CHVII has been lifted I can't stay away. There has been so much coming out lately. Thanks for all you do Yota!
  6. Another great find Yota! There are some great articles coming out, back to back. I don't see how Iraq can continue to keep putting out these kind of articles and say they are going to do something without doing something. The people will start to become restless with the lack of action behind all these words. Of course I'm speaking of the Iraqi people...cough,cough!!!
  7. "witnessing a remarkable increase in value"...I've not exactly seen that but I sure would like to!!! I'm not sure how much plainer they can make it. Just do it already! Loving these articles that keep coming out. Thanks Yota!
  8. So first they state won't allow MP's to go home until they adopt important laws. Now they've postponed till next Tuesday because of disagreements...aghhhhhhh!!! Really??? Oh my word!!! Get with the program Iraq!!!
  9. So they're actually going to meet during Ramadan? They always confuse me with this "next" stuff. From past articles, next sometime meant what we would call "this", but this article clearly states the date being next Tuesday which is during Ramadan...hmmmmm.
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