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  1. Buy the right Penny Stock and you can get very wealthy. Buy the right regular stock, same deal. BUT whether Penny Stock or not, most people that dump money into the stock market lose it. A few make money, and the money they make comes from the losers. Right. Some people!
  2. An interesting article about the Concealed Carry bill and a secondary one, here.
  3. They might, if the begin to have Under The Pillow inspections.
  4. Mark, awesome post. I was hoping to something approaching that when I asked you to comment of the FORBES article. Very happy with how that turned out.
  5. That's true. But one needs to understand that only the IRS Code which I know is written by Congress) counts. Neither a guy on the phone nor the IRS publications does. Someone earlier mentioned about being sure one's CPA takes responsibility. Well, it does matter whether a CPA takes responsibility or not. The IRS only makes oneself responsible. NOW I find it amazing how the research made by the attorney here (free of charge, mind you) is being nearly completely disregard. He clearly stated as a result of his research he found that the IRS written Publication 525 document was not correct, an
  6. What if it is the law that counts and not an IRS publication?
  7. But. . . what if one's CPA has no clue and thus gives bad advice?
  8. I think if the Dinar had the same numbers on them and the same value as the USD then a lot of Iraqis would begin to use more Dinars than they currently do just because there'd be no difference between the two currencies. It wouldn't matter which currency they used.
  9. Pretty good rant (cropped down to the remark about the ego). Many peeps are really confused, these days, messed up, actually, like, upside down, and bass-akwards about what an ego is. In clinical psychology an ego is the rational mind. The self-aware self, the logical center of consciousness. The vehicle of sanity. It is when a person has a weak ego they can get totally screwed up. Oh, I know the condemnation of the ego is a popular thing to do but that is done out of ignorance and since because other people do it it is assumed to be okay. But I am encouraging you to research this matter an
  10. estewart


    How does this monetary limitation apply toward moving household furniture to Belize or Panama?
  11. Pretty simple. The release of the 100K note was quickly cancelled. The proposal was withdrawn, made null and void. History. Done and did with. Over and out. Pish. Pretty simple. There will be two different currencies. In one there will be a 25 Dinar and no 25K Dinar. In the other currency, there is a 25K note and no 25 Dinar not. The 25 Dinar note and the 25K note will buy the same stuff, up to the point the 25K note becomes worthless. I second that. If you need an idea for a story, Sir, how about looking into the legitimacy of the President's holding his Presidency? I would think that c
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