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  1. WITK may actually know a lot...but I one up'd her today. I met with the VP of Wells Fargo today and was able to voucher out my IQD for $22.50, which means I'll have about $225,000,000 when I'm allowed to cash out my vouchers. Oh, I know you haters will say, "how did you meet with a VP of a bank on a Sunday?" Well, it was simple...we met at an Exxon gas station of course! He was fueling up his car to make the trip to New York (I'm in Texas) to cash in a trunk full of dinar when the bank opens tomorrow. Duh. So there, WITK...I have a tier 7 voucher worth $22.50 per Dinar...all you got was $3.42...loser!
  2. You aren't doing much are telling everyone they are stupid and wrong while claiming only you know what is true and correct. Not that my opinion amounts to much, but I say you are one of the most arrogant people I have ever read.
  3. This is long, but gives insight on the history of Iraq's leader. For those who like this sort of information, enjoy! And for the grammer police out there---I realize (just now) that I did not spell his name correctly. Oh well...
  4. I live in S. Texas and flew all the way to Orlando, Florida this past November to see Joe Bonamassa must understand I love, love, love music (of all genres) so in my world this was a monumental event! I've seen B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc., live...they can't touch Joe. The man is incredible. Check out this one with Beth Hart singing:
  5. Especially on Valentine's is in the air!
  6. I don't think RP was bashing Kyle...from what I have read and heard in the life of RP is he is definitely anti-war. His statements on Twitter and then the follow up on Facebook play into his beliefs...we sent our young men to an unjustified war. One of the unintended consequences---young men and women returning from the battlefield with mental illnesses. This consequence was brought to our attention in a violent way when the Marine with PTSD snapped and killed his mentor, Chris Kyle. I'm not saying RP was justified in his word choice...I just don't believe the man was bashing Kyle. This sort of brings up another point---instead of trying to regulate guns as a way of fighting violence, we sure need to address the mental illnesses that so many people (especially Vets) suffer from.
  7. In regards to your son, Maggie, take heart! I know first hand about prison and the institutionalized process that can (and does) evolve. Those who were able to beat this evolution had one thing in common---they found something good to believe in, something more powerful than anything or anyone human. For the majority of them, their "higher power" is God...but that isn't my point. My point is, take heart! If you can somehow get your son to do some true soul searching---"why, as an adult, am I here?"---type questions, it can be the beginning of a process that will stop the institutionalization mentality. I KNOW this works...the tough part is getting the convict started down that road. I do hope his eyes get is so much better on this side of those cold, gray, iron bars.
  8. I'm afraid to click on a post that has anything to do with Anonymous! They seem to be quite savvy at getting into people's personal life via the internet and there are some of us who don't mind keeping a secret or two from the public's eye.
  9. The reason we went to war?....Mankind loves to fight. I cannot back this up, but I would bet a dollar to a doughnut that there has not been one full year on earth in the past _______ (pick a number) years that was "war free." The people on this planet have been in a perpetual war as far back as recorded history takes us...war defines us as a species to a certain degree. Sad but true. So again, why did we go to war in Iraq? Because war is what we do...
  10. That statement makes you a liar in my have no clue who "dog53" is, yet you claim to love him? Right.... You pick and choose various passages of Scripture to shore up your "holy" belief system...people who did what you are doing back in the days of Christ were referred to (by Him) as hypocrites. Count the number of verses He spoke out against the religious do gooders and then count the number of verses He spoke out against defending one's'll clearly see He was more focused on slamming the hypocrites. Go stand on your street corner and continue to show us how holy you are by telling those who want to protect themselves from evil just how bad they are...
  11. Dr. Bandura didn't prove anything...he postulated the "social learning theory" and I would like to emphasize the word "theory." I don't claim to understand everything he wrote, but it is my understanding that in his theory observational learning occurred in relation to three models; live model, verbal instruction, symbolic. Your argument seems to concern itself with the symbolic. While his test subjects did indeed exhibit aggressive behavior after watching others act out aggressively, a later study (in 1965) showed that aggressive behavior diminished when the aggressors were punished for their other words, disciplining the children (test subjects) stopped the aggressive behavior. My my opinion, violent video games, sims, etc. surely influence youngsters to exhibit aggressive behavior, but it is the LACK OF DISCIPLINE (in school, within the family itself, etc.) that allows the aggressive behavior to go unchecked. Our society has allowed it's moral code of conduct to become so diluted, it (society) has difficulty defining "good" and "bad." This lack of definition is the root cause for the lack of discipline. The sad thing is our problem is like a snowball rolling down hill...and your call for banning all the things you want banned sort of prove my point---instead of holding PEOPLE (including and especially children) accountable for their actions (in this case, violent behavior), the answer is to ban things. Someone uses a gun to shoot people---ban guns. The shooter? He spends time...years and years and years of court, in jail, in hospitals. The news media turn the shooters into celebrities (look at OJ Simpson as an example). Do we lay blame on the shooter? Nope...we excuse their behavior to a certain degree by blaming their actions on violent video games. I call BS on that. The army officer who shot and killed all those people on base in Texas...hasn't even started his trial yet...why? He doesn't want to shave his beard. 11 people dead, 30+ wounded, and instead of holding him accountable, our young children see this guy twiddling his fingers. He should have been shot and killed immediately. It is late and I'm beginning to ramble a little (I'm tired). I'm just trying to argue against your idea that Bandura proved anything beyond a shadow of a doubt with his Social Learning Theory. His theory has great merit...but if you want to use his theory as the model for solving our violent behavior in society, you cannot toss out subsequent studies that show punishment diminishes learned violent behavior. Good night!
  12. Not bashing you...but you are incorrect about the "bad weapon skills" statement. Check this out: 2 armed men fired 1100 telling how many rounds the cops shot back at them, and cops are trained to shoot. My point is, in a fire fight, one can never have enough ammo. If you believe you can take out an enemy with 2 or 3 rounds, you are fooling yourself.
  13. Dang...y'all pulled no punches with this thread! I is pretty lame. It amazes me when people ask questions like this (WWJD?). What would He do?....who cares?! He left 2,000 years ago! I can tell you what He is GOING TO DO in the future though (according to the Bible)... "...behold a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True...He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood...And the rest were KILLED WITH THE SWORD...and all the birds were filled with their flesh." He will return as a warrior King...not as a pacifist. He will spill blood and lots of it. He won't be singing Cumbauya. I am no preacher....I find myself "arguing" with God quite often...but I know enough about Christ to know not only does He give life, He takes it also (often violently). If guns were around 2,000 years ago, I have no doubt all of the Apostles would have been packing (with His blessings)...
  14. I can't speak for Arizona's jail system, but in Texas if someone is held in county jail it is for two reasons...first and foremost, they have been convicted of a crime(s) and will either do their time in county or will be held in county until the State transfers them to prison. Second, a few (less than 1%) are held pending bail, which means they have yet to be tried. Out of those 1%, 99% of them are point is there is an almost non-existent number of INNOCENT people in jail. While it would bite big time to be innocent yet stuck in jail, there is no way you can convince me the jail system should treat everyone as if they were innocent. Bad things sometimes happen to good people...but bad people must suffer the consequences of their actions. So I say this in a loud, loud voice---WAY TO GO SHERIFF JOE!!! By the way...I voluntarily spent 4 years in and out of a M60 tank (including a short stent in a M48) while in the air conditioning in the heat of summer, no heat (not one single tank ever had a heater that worked) in the cold of winter (below zero at times), and the food was out of a can and cold 90% of the time (C-Rats). Not only did I survive, that life lesson taught me great things that have made me a very grateful person for all that I now have...and I sure don't want to treat jail birds with a better life than I had while I was serving this great country. What would that teach them?
  15. I have no idea how many people he could have killed with a bat...but my point is simply this---anyone who plans and then executes that plan which involves killing (especially killing children) is insane. So does it matter what weapon is used? It isn't the weapon that gives us the is the one using it, whether it be a gun, a knife or a bat. The killer is let's figure out how to fix that problem.
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