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  1. Ahhh man yes I felt it below dont say a word its getting bigger damn you one night stand
  2. Ahhh damn it thats why I got in 16 years ago now you tell me
  3. Well after reviewing this i really feel like doing some exercise classes
  4. Wait you get use to waiting their game not ours
  5. Mmmm kid looks familar hard to put my finger on it guess we may never know who the father is
  6. From me to you happy bday a davis delivery at your door
  7. Cya ya wouldnt want to be ya davis will by a ticket to Mars
  8. Well lets see Lgd If you and me each get a pair and go out for dinner and drinks pretty sure by time done they will never sell a pair
  9. Welcome to dvs but let’s be honest why your here you were looking for the legend davis or my thong pic
  10. 1800 hot davis started a few months ago to make big money while waiting for rv please call me so lonely made 4.00 so far they were wrong numbers
  11. This was the day the world went uhhhh davis was born
  12. Oppps and I thought they were picking on me for no reason learned something new dont declare 20 lbs of coke
  13. I mentioned here in Canada what I thought would happen many were like won’t happen and as long as trump was gone now few are saying uhhh what happened
  14. But I have really good conversations with Zeus
  15. Very possible as long as you know I accept bribes in cash
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