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  1. Keep bringing my friend yep we have really screwed everything up the father will come down and straighten this mess out I hope god i and every human is a idiot
  2. Same problem here the ones we should help arent getting it i got 20 year olds begging for change cant find work.which everyone is hiring i tell them this i get told to go ??? problem is real men need help they just cannot ask so yes it makes me just as sick god bless the world we need it
  3. Need some help here peeps i always think about this handle name is it mount a goat?? hope I am wrong that be way to weird for me thoughts?
  4. That’s it i am moving to iraq i bought a old camal cut my shirt up to make a turbin cut the fronts off my shoes so toes show dont tell anyone i am going in under cover to get you guys the real news wish me luck i will be changing my name here at dvs to abbbubulla robaullla davis Watch for my updates
  5. Wrong i am first been waiting in bank line 2 weeks now the bank even had a couple mental health doctors come talk to me that was nice of them
  6. Here’s the deal if I had no morral I would be a govt boy they all world wide do not give a flying fudge about us we pay their chqs we break our backs tbey look at me for what else they can get i don’t even get kissed first before I am ???? use imagination
  7. Hey what’s everyone talking about davis releasing the kracken or running for USA prez or just same old dinner talk
  8. I like when he holds my hand i feel loved hahaha fully agree markinsa now hold my hand
  9. Our company and humor or humourless
  10. Welcome ummm i have no idea just get in the middle of everything i been here to long can’t remember
  11. Now that is a nice looking rig
  12. Yep this high level intel is very credible
  13. Really ok what am I wearing ? what oil am I rubbing to keep me soft? curious that’s all nothing weird here move along peeps or should I say peep holes
  14. davis411


    I can’t confirm to be honest I start rumours just to see how fast they spread around the world maybe that’s why no one listens to me anymore
  15. Me to but my 8 ball is a lot differant then that Anytime I get my 8 ball i forget the past 3 weeks
  16. Great now you tell me the plan I just landed getting liquor Ed on rice wine and noodles they said go to that medical lab to exchange I will get back with my intel
  17. No idea been in so long i forget my name ahhh unicorns dancing damn you Iraq
  18. Better get moving i ordered Chinese food a hour ago they say madam wu has the best balls Chicken balls Hurry wu before I eat my cat
  19. Can’t say mine will put me behind bars long time if I show you then I have to kill you
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