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  1. Anyone else watching this tonight? It's a CNBC news segment on 40 billion USD missing in Iraq. Really interesting stuff!|baghdadbillions|&par=vty
  2. Shell is just one of the companies trying to get contracts for oil in Iraq. They need to get the HCL passed so these contracts can benefit the citizens if Iraq.
  3. My husband and I were driving down the interstate and someone passed us driving a brand new Ford pulling a new Kabota tractor. We looked at each other and said "Go RV!" PS Personally I think it should have been a Chevy/John Deere....just saying. Guess I'll keep dreaming and hoping...
  4. Wow, Rocketman700 has made it 9 whole days - and thinks WE sound like children. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? No fair!!" Google's translation tool is a great resource for translating articles from Kurdish/Arabic into don't have to actually speak the language. Gurus are mostly full of crap, but give us hope that one day (or in the next 48 hours) the RV will happen! And someday, they will be right.
  5. Friday, August 05, 2011 14:13 GMT Iraq’s Parliamentary economic committee affirmed on Thursday that the investment law requires some modifications that go in line with economic orientation in Iraq. Bank guarantees are among the hindrances that impede foreign investments in Iraq, the committee said noting that Iraqi banks are close to exchange offices. “In 2009, the investment law no 13 of the year 2006 was amended but still needs further amendments. These amendments should comply with Iraq’s free economic system”, head of the parliamentary economic committee Ahmad Al Alwani told Alsumarianews. “Bank guarantees constitute a hindrance before foreign investments in Iraq. Corruption in certain directorates and properties issue add up to investment impediment in Iraq”, Al Alwani argued. The economic committee is working on amending the investment law while it is set on providing fruitful legislations and issue Iraqi banks legislation, he added. “Iraqi banks are close to being exchange offices at the present time due to minor capitals while they are isolated from the world economic system in exception for Iraq’s Trade Bank”, Al Alwani said. Iraq is still a fertile environment for investment, yet, it needs security stability and managements free of bureaucracy and corruption that have impeded many projects, head of the economic committee said.
  6. Iraqis’ per capita income to shoot to $9000 in 2014 By Khayoun Saleh, Azzaman, July 26, 2011 Per capita income in Iraq will surge to $9000 from the current $4000 in 2014, the Central Bank says. The new per capita income forecast means that Iraqis’ living standards are expected to more than double in less than four years. The promising economic prediction for the war-torn country is a rare good piece of news. “The per capita income will more than double by the end of the investment plan in 2014” said Mudher Saleh, a Central Bank consultant. Saleh put the country’s growth rate at a little more than 9 per cent and said his figure was based “on the aggregate growth forecast for 2014-2014.” If Iraq achieves the growth rate predicted for the investment plan, the country will see an explosion in income, he said. There will be enough income to finance infrastructure projects in various fields, he said. Saleh said the country’s bloated civil service sector was currently among the most prosperous in the country. He said while average per capita income was $4000, civil servants earned an average of $6000 a year. Oil revenues, he said, would still make the lion’s share of the country’s income. “The importance of oil royalties in financing investment projects is of vital importance,” he said. “Maximizing oil earnings is the philosophy the oil sector is pursuing to provide steady access to resources to finance the national development plant.”\2011-07-26\kurd.htm If the Iraqi income is expected to only double by 2014, why do we think we will make millions??
  7. "5. Don’t be surprised if it RV’s on Obama’s birthday." Which also happens to be my and my husband's 10th anniversary - I could go for that. A trip to Hawaii or Paris would be nice.
  8. This link gives a history of Ramadan and the purpose and practices of the month-long festival. It indicates that markets are open in the evenings, as the time for fasting is only daylight hours. For those who say nothing will happen in regards to the RV during this time, check out this operating calendar from the CBI. There are only 3 days in August when the bank will be closed, and those fall at the end of the month. Public holidays for 2011 (in addition to Fridays & Saturdays) ( Holiday Date New Year's Day January 1 Army Day / 1921 January 6 Prophet's Birthday February 17* Spring Day March 21 Fall of the regime April 9 Labour Day May 1 Revolution 1958/Republic Day July 14 Id Al-Fitr (3 Days) August 31* Id Al-Adha (4 Days) November 6* Islamic New Year November 27* Ashoura Day December 6* (*) are approximate So, the RV could happen anytime, including during Ramadan.
  9. "People demand freedom of speech as compensation for freedom of thought, which they seldom use." As others have stated, if you don't agree with what you see here, then stay away.
  10. I was driving home from work last night and this song came on the radio. I think it's a sign... If you don't want to click the link, the song was "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.
  11. Sounds like an RV would be counter-productive and potentially cause more instability. Just what terrorists need - more money (and I doubt it would be used to support orphans and widowns - create them may be).
  12. Here's some real info. To copy and paste: 1. Hold down the left button on the mouse and highlight the text you wish to copy 2. Click the right button on the mouse and choose "copy" 3. Go to where you want to paste, click the right button and choose "paste" Ta-da, you've published your first dinar rumor!!
  13. I know that not everything in the news is related to the RV, but I thought his answer to what he would do to help the economy was interesting. VAN SUSTEREN: Donald, nice to have you join us. DONALD TRUMP, TRUMP ORGANIZATION (Via Telephone): Hi, Greta. VAN SUSTEREN: Donald, grim news today, jobless claims at 418,000. That's bad news. Steve Wynn, who says he's a Democrat but has contributed to Republicans and to Democrats -- he says that President Obama is a wet blanket on the economy and he's very disappointed in President Obama's work on the economy. But on the other hand, his Vegas operations were up 23 percent since last year, so things are going pretty well for him. Can you put this together for me? TRUMP: Well, Steve is a very good friend of mine, a great guy. And frankly, I just left his wedding not so long ago. He just got married and had a beautiful wedding. And he truly knows what he's talking about. He operates good properties all over. But the fact is, he's very, very against this administration, and for good reason. VAN SUSTEREN: Why? When you went to the wedding, did the two of you talk about President Obama and the way he is steering the economy? TRUMP: We speak all the time. He's not a fan. He doesn't like what he's going on. He sees what is happening all over the world and how well the world is doing in so many places. If you look at different countries, some are doing phenomenally, and some are doing so well because of us because of whether it is manufacturing our products or taking our jobs with outsourcing. So many different things are happening. I never hear about it from Obama. I never hear about it from anybody. I don't hear about it from the Republicans either. You watch the Republican debates and they don't talk about what is going on with the rest of the world. But Steve is very down on the administration. I've known that for a long time there. And there are many other great businessmen likewise that are down on the administration. VAN SUSTEREN: The economy can sometimes be difficult to redirect. So many Americans are suffering, unbelievably so. With 418,000 jobless claims this week, is there any -- if you were president, anything that you could do right new that would have a dramatic effect? TRUMP: What I would do right now is stop the many countries that are abusing this country, whether it's through their manipulation of currency or lots of other things. I would stop that immediately. I would immediately get on the phone and talking with the OPEC folks who are absolutely ripping us because, despite the bad economy, fuel prices never come down. As I've been telling you for three years, you and others, if oil isn't coming down substantially below $100, like $40, $30, $20, which is what it should be, not these artificially inflated prices because of what they do surrounding a table in OPEC, this country can never be great again. We are using oil from outside sources. And by the way, if we allowed coal and if we allowed things to happen in our country, we wouldn't need outside. You look at our natural gas, we have more than anybody. We don't create the incentive for people to get it. And environmentally it becomes almost impossible. The environmentalists have stopped it. So if oil is at $100 and we are forced to import oil at $100 or more, we can never be great again. We have to create our own energy, and we have so much of it. Between coal and natural gas and nuclear people are starting to get away from, and I can understand. If you look even Germany. By the way, nobody is running better than Germany right now, and they are sort of turning off nuclear right now. But if you look at natural gas, coal and so many other things, we don't need outside sources. OPEC is ripping us. Frankly, they are the number one abuser and we have to stop that. That's something that could be stopped quickly. They wouldn't even be there if it weren't for us. VAN SUSTEREN: So I did research on you. I follow you all the time because I know you were toying with the idea of running for president, then you said no, then maybe run as an independent. Now I read you say Representative Bachmann is very underrated. So I'm curious with all your level of growing frustration, are you leaning towards endorsing or supporting Representative Bachmann? Or maybe I will run as an independent? TRUMP: I'm going to see who going to the Republican nominee. I'm going to be looking at the economy. If the economy continues to do badly, which I think it will, because the administration does not know what they are doing. If the economy continues to do badly, and if the Republicans pick somebody that I think is the wrong person and isn't going to win, I would seriously consider running as an independent. The reason I have to do it that way is because as you know what I'm doing doesn't allow me to run sooner than May. VAN SUSTEREN: President Obama in the last six months, does he appear stronger, does it appear the Republicans are getting to him? What is the status report? TRUMP: I think the status report is that the Republicans are folding. The Republicans are not doing the job they should be doing. They allowed him to come back during the lame duck session in December, as you remember. And I said to people, he rose like the phoenix. It was incredible. They allowed him to come back. I think they are not doing a good job now. They have all the cards if you look at the polls they are getting beaten more badly than Obama. And they have all of the chips. They have all of the cards. The debt limit, so many things they have right now. One thing, he has to get rid of Obamacare. You have to get rid of Obamacare or the country is not coming back. It is a disaster. As I said, you have to stop. Whether it is OPEC, China, or others, you have to stop all of these countries that are out there that are absolutely beating us and taking advantage of us and making a tremendous windfall profit, if you want to use that word, on us. You have to stop the abusers. There's so many abusers. They negotiate with us. They negotiate with our representatives. And they tell me, they say, Donald, may I ask you a question? Are your leaders stupid? These are people that make deals with this country. They say are your leaders stupid? Look at Colombia, they make $4 billion dollars, a relatively small trade pact with us, $4 billion last year, Colombia. So we have to get really smart people. We have to use our best people, our smartest, to negotiate because the people that are doing it right now are leading us to oblivion. VAN SUSTEREN: Donald, thank you. Congratulations on your being grandfather again. Tell your daughter I said hello and congratulations to her and her husband. TRUMP: Thank you very much, Greta. Link:
  14. If you look at the text of the ads on Iraq Craigslist, the price is listed in US dollars. The price in the title is listed in IQD because the site automatically assigns the currency....doesn't mean RV. About half the ads on the Iraqi Craigslist say US dollars and the other half just just list the price in dollar format. (Ex. 23.00).
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